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Employment Opportunities For People With Disability


It might surprise you to learn that just over 2 million Australians are disabled and our forward-thinking government believe that people with disability deserve to be productive members of society. Australia is one of the leading nations regarding supporting people with disability to pursue a career, with government agencies sponsoring many local initiatives.

Specialist Recruitment Agencies

Generally speaking, Australian businesses fully support employing people with disability, with many having close connections with recruitment agencies that represent disabled people. Rather than approaching a regular recruitment agency, a disabled person would be better served by registering with a recruitment agency that represents people with disability. Of course, there is always room for improvement and the recruitment agency is constantly involved in media presentations, reaching out to employers across Australia, getting the message into the community.

Working With Specialised Recruitment Agencies

When an employer wishes to reach disabled people, the best solution is to make contact with a state-approved recruitment agency with disabled people on their books. Not only does the agency have many disabled people on their books, but they also get to know the business and the type of employee that you need. It is their job to match applicants with job positions and staff take as much time as it takes to match applicants with suitable positions. Click here to learn about the many benefits of managed IT services for small businesses.

Financial Support For Australian Businesses

AtWork Australia is a federal government initiative that is designed to help people with disability find meaningful work; government-approved companies can receive financial incentives when they hire disabled people. We must remove the stigma attached to career-minded people who suffer from some form of disability; there are many positions that a disabled person can hold and do as good a job as anyone. Indeed, it is the agency’s role to tailor the employment to the applicant.

Ongoing Support

One thing that atWork Australia offers is ongoing support for a period of 12 months after a disabled person takes on a position; this gives both employer and employee support from recruitment staff, helping to ensure that all is well.

Looking For Suitable Employment

While regular recruitment agencies accept registration from people with disability, you are advised to seek out a specialised recruitment agency, one that is equipped to help those with a disability to find suitable employment. The process begins with registration, which is followed by a face-to-face meeting to discuss the applicant’s needs and desires, then the staff start looking at their job database and screening for suitable positions.

There is ongoing support during the job application process, which usually involves Zoom calls on a weekly basis when the official gives moral support and helps the applicant to remain focused. All avenues are explored, as the recruitment staff help applicants to consider various fields, while also offering advice about training courses and qualifications. Staff are trained to provide moral support and build self-esteem when working with potential job applicants.

Recruitment Agency Services

The services include the following:

  • Professional job applicant matching and advice.
  • Candidate pre-screening.
  • Creating text for job opportunities.
  • Ongoing support for disabled employees.
  • Training information and personal development initiatives.
  • Support for employees who are having difficulty performing their job.

Become An Inclusive Employer

If you would like to set the right example, why not make contact with atWork Australia and work with them to advertise positions to the disabled people in their database? Image is everything in business and you want people to see your company as an inclusive one; besides, there are 2 million hard-working Australian people with disabilities who are looking for suitable employment.

Online Solutions

All you need to do is find atWork Australia’s website and learn more about the many services they offer to both employers and disabled employees who are looking for permanent employment with an inclusive organisation. This initiative has been hugely successful and has developed to be a major provider of employment for people with disability; with offices around the country, whether you are looking for employees or are searching for suitable employment, pay them a visit and chat with friendly staff about filling your needs.

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