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Easy baking ideas at home

Easy baking ideas at home

Whether it’s a Saturday noon or just another Wednesday, sweet tooths don’t need a reason to order in some sweets or desserts. We all love pizzas and pasta, but nothing can beat the taste of a freshly baked dessert from your kitchen. At least, according to 51% of the population.

But sometimes baking can be a little tough, because you may not have all the recipes at that exact moment, or it takes too much time. Because let’s be honest, how many times we have burnt ourselves because we could not wait to try the exquisite dessert freshly baked from the oven or your work wanted you to be present soon?

If you have faced these problems, then I have a solution for you. Here are some easy baking recipe ideas that you can follow when you want to bake something quick and fill in your sweet tooth cravings.

1. Brownies

Yes, finding recipes and baking them is all fun, but some days are just better with brownies. There are so many easy recipes available on the internet that helps you make the best fudgy brownies with just 3 or 5 ingredients maybe.

That’s huge for the amount of comfort brownie brings on a dull, gloomy day. Here’s a personal suggestion, put some chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream on top of it and just enjoy the hot-and-cold in your mouth.

2. Tarts

If you want something that gives both savoury and sweet flavours when you eat, then tasters have got you covered. Not only these are easy to make but you can actually store them for later consumption.

If you can’t find a good recipe, then a classic lemon tart never fails to satisfy. All you need is butter, eggs, cream, flour, and lemon (of course) to make this delicacy and that’s it.

3. Sourbreads

When we said sweet tooths, we didn’t mean people who hate savoury. Most sweet-tooths actually enjoy sour foods a lot. To meet your instant “something savoury” cravings, get your hands on sour bread.

Grabs the items from, they have materials to help you make the softest sour bread from scratch. It’s actually pretty great because you won’t have to wander in shops collecting all the items and instruments to make it.

4. Classic cheese scones

Cheese and scones? Now, that’s something to talk about. A classic cheese scone is just perfect to accompany your tea or coffee in the evening.

They are served best with some warm butter and cheddar cheese on top. If you want more flavours you can use two types of cheese together, it tastes simply yummy.

5. White chocolate cookies

Another dessert, perfect for evening snacks or whenever you want to grab a little snack. What’s best about this cookie dough is that it can also be used as a tart and cheesecake base. The little chocolate chip melts in your mouth beautifully and makes you relish the taste for a long time.

6. Chocolate muffins

For the days you just want to eat a cupcake without the added cream on top. Then chocolate muffins are your way to go. These are easy-to-bake and contain the best ingredient of all, chocolate.

These muffins are just treats which you can eat while watching Netflix, getting a snack between work, after morning breakfast – basically, whenever you want to. Don’t forget to drizzle chocolate sauce on top of it and sprinkle some sugar right after taking it from the oven.

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7. Cranberry cake

Cranberry cake is a perfect holiday dessert, and for all the right reasons. It’s easy to make, very filling, and can be eaten for a good number of days. But guess what? You don’t need to have holidays for making this delicious treat.

All you need is raw cranberries and the willingness to bake. Since you have both, then let’s get started with the work and reward yourself with this lip-smacking delicacy.

8. Blueberry lemon coffee cake

For people who like to experiment with flavours, the blueberry lemon coffee cake is surely going to be loved by them. The blueberry adds the sweet flavour while the lemon balances it out with the sour taste.

Coffee makers the crust crunchy while the core stays soft. It is a delightful treat that fills you with an exotic taste every time you have it.

Over to you…

I am sure all these recipes have gotten you hungry for a snack now. So, go ahead, get your oven ready, ingredients in place, and get started with baking.

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