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Why Is Earthy Tales Cow’s Ghee The I Latest Health Fad?

Why Is Earthy Tales Cow’s Ghee The I Latest Health Fad?

In today’s world, it is crucial to consume the right ingredients to maintain overall health. Desi ghee is often considered healthy and an ingredient in rural areas. But slowly, organic desi ghee is making its way into contemporary kitchens to give more natural health benefits. To bring the essence and purity of organic desi ghee, Earthy Tales is the best online place to get your hands on it. It is an online store and has become the go-to brand in the last few years. With this brand, you can get the best organic desi cow ghee in India without fretting about anything. The brand’s A2 Gir Cow Desi Ghee has become the latest health fad and a regular ingredient in modern kitchens.

How Does A2 Gir Cow Desi Ghee By Earthy Tales Outshine Others In The Market?

Before knowing the benefits, know some salient features of A2 Gir cow desi ghee by Earthy Tales:

  • It is made from grass-fed A2 Gir cow milk
  • This organic desi ghee by Earthy Tales is made with the help of the traditional wooden bilona method.
  • It has magical medicinal properties.
  • There are added preservatives in A2 Gir cow desi ghee.
  • It is procured from Gir, Gujarat.
  • The A2 Gir cow desi ghee is 100% chemical-free and is empowered by 700+ farmers.

The Advantages Of A2 Gir Cow Desi Ghee By Earthy Tales

Here are the reasons that A2 Gir cow desi ghee by Earthy Tales has become a new health fad:

  • It is a healthy cooking oil.

A2 Gir cow desi ghee is healthy even when it is exposed to high temperatures during cooking. It helps in preventing many chronic diseases like cancer, etc.

  • It can help reduce constipation.

This is an organic desi ghee that involves a high amount of butyrate. Consuming it in moderation every day can help avoid constipation.

  • Maintains brain power

Consuming organic desi cow ghee in India can help boost brainpower. It is beneficial for adults, toddlers, pregnant women, professionals, senior citizens, etc.

  • Boosts bone joints and bone health

Organic desi ghee can boost bone health by promoting flexibility in joint movement.

  • Improves fertility and virility in men

It is a natural aphrodisiac dairy product and can boost virility in men.

  • It helps with weight loss and promotes digestion.

Consuming organic desi ghee can help in your weight loss journey. Plus, it offers relief from acidity, bloating, etc.

  • Improves overall immunity and reduces inflammation

The nutritional content of organic desi ghee is high, which boosts the immune system. Also, it has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • It is great for the skin and hair.

Organic desi ghee has all the vitamins that are beneficial for skin and hair.

Why Should You Switch To A2 Gir Cow Desi Ghee By Earthy Tales?

Earthy Tales is your one-stop online store to get your hands on the best organic desi cow ghee in India. With Earthy Tales, you can easily get premium-quality A2 bilona ghee, which is handcrafted using the traditional wooden bilona method. Also, there are chemicals and preservatives in it. They deliver in Delhi, the NCR, and other parts of India. Plus, with Earthy Tales, you can get other organic products like buy organic honey online, etc.

About Earthy Tales

Founded in 2017 by Deepak Sabharwal, an ex-TATA, GE and Pepsi alumni, Earthy Tales is NCR’s most loved community led organic food brand, which works with organic farming communities to promote natural farming and city communities to increase awareness about Clean, Chemical free food.
Deepak quit his corporate life of 20 years to make our soils and food plate free of pesticides as Earthy Tales purpose. You can read his inspiring story on

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