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7 Tips For Staying Safe While Driving In Los Angeles

Safe Driving

It’s no secret that Los Angeles experiences excessive road and highway congestion rates. Plus, the City of Angels sees its fair share of car chases.

Therefore, drivers must exercise extra caution while driving in Los Angeles.

The good news is that most people commute, run errands, and drive for pleasure without problems. Drivers might bump into traffic, construction zones, and accidents, but they do not experience harm to their persons or vehicles.

Nonetheless, drivers benefit from incorporating some habits when driving in the area.

For example, drivers must use their signals to merge lanes or turn. The City has so much congestion that drivers must know what others intend to do with some warning.

In addition, it’s straightforward to become upset while driving. Los Angeles experiences pleasant weather year-round; it also heats up. With warmer weather comes more rage, especially in the middle of traffic.

Therefore, drivers can keep themselves safe by managing their emotions. 

We explore seven tips for staying safe while driving in Los Angeles.

1. Know The Traffic Signs

Los Angeles traffic signs are not as tricky as those in San Francisco. Safety starts with knowing the traffic signs used in the City of Angels.

The City has additional signs that guide drivers to freeways, exits, no-parking zones, and through construction areas.

Driver errors, recognition failures, and wrong decisions cause traffic accidents. In addition, the above driver failures will also encounter the rage of others in the highly populated city and county of Los Angeles.

If the need for a personal injury attorney arises after a traffic accident, contact the Avian Law Group.

2. Watch The Speed

The City of Angels doesn’t allow several opportunities to drive above the speed limit on the highways or roads; it’s too congested. 

Some spots flow more freely than others but then encounter traffic that starts merging from one freeway to another. Thus, drivers must watch their speed.

Plus, the California Highway Patrol remains very present to keep drivers and others sharing the road safely. Whether or not speed traps exist, staying at or under the speed limit is best to maximize safety.

3. Avoid Road Rage

It’s easy to let the realities of driving in Los Angeles catch up to a driver’s nerves. However, avoid road rage.

By several accounts, road rage incidents hit an all-time high in the area, even though the population was still not driving at 100%.

Stay safe by managing emotions while driving and choosing courtesy instead of anger. Drivers don’t know when an unnecessary honk or foul hand signal can cause the recipient to take physical action. 

4. Use The Signals

The makeup of vehicles changed in the 1960s and 70s. Suddenly, vehicle manufacturers had to build cars with safety features like mirrors, seat belts, and signals.

Since cars have signals, drivers should use them. Plus, the signals alert others to the actions that drivers plan to take.

Although Los Angeles is less old than other cities throughout the United States, it still has old roads and highway portions. City and county officials have helped expand roads and highways. 

However, navigating some remains a tight squeeze. Thus, signals help others manage their speed and expectations. 

5. Learn The Highway System

Los Angeles and its neighboring cities and counties remain home to company headquarters and a sizable population. Thus, the area’s highway system had to expand and accommodate commuters and residents.

In 1993, construction teams completed the 105 freeway. Although the highway made traveling from El Segundo and LAX to Norwalk easier, it added to the intricate highway system.

Several highways connect before reaching downtown when traveling on the 5 North. Drivers must prepare to merge. Otherwise, they might travel further north on the 5 instead of the 10, adding miles and time to their trips.

Moreover, drivers unprepared to merge could cause pile-ups at the busy highway section.

6. Know Where To Park

Knowing where to park avoids incurring unnecessary expensive traffic citations. It’s also a safety issue.

Some parts of Los Angeles incur more crime than others, and it’s not safe to park them.

Therefore, while learning about the city’s highway system, learn about the areas where it’s safe to park. 

7. Lock The Doors

Los Angeles experienced an epidemic of carjackings in the 1990s, which died down after that. However, the surge in crime could re-awaken the trend.

Thus, lock the doors while driving. In addition, use the child safety locks when driving with children in the vehicle.


Staying safe while driving in Los Angeles starts with practicing common sense. Then, it requires drivers to accept the conditions of driving in the City of Angels and enjoying its reality. 

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