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The Downsides Of Using Only SaaS Exclusively

SaaS Exclusively

SaaS is a software delivery strategy in which a third-party supplier develops applications on cloud infrastructure and makes them available to consumers through the internet. This implies that, unlike traditional software, the software may be accessible from any device having an internet connection and a web browser, rather than just the local system where it is installed. This program has limitations when used alone. Thus we recommend using Veeam Backup for your data; Veeam is the market leader in backup, recovery, and data management solutions that provide Modern Data Protection. This article will tackle the different disadvantages of using SaaS alone.


When using SaaS for their apps, publishers are not responsible for guaranteeing data security. Instead, the business must ensure enough security safeguards and rules. The increased popularity of mobility in the workplace has presented IT departments with a rather unusual dilemma as they strive to safeguard mobile devices in faraway places. Endpoint security is critical to protect critical data in an increasingly mobile society. The growth of SaaS has increased the demand for robust endpoint security. Employees will want — and require — the ability to use office software programs on the go. And businesses must adapt to this development without exposing themselves to harmful assaults.


Applications were generally controlled by the businesses that employed them under the perpetual software sales model. The SaaS approach gives the publisher a lot of power. That might be a good thing. For example, the publisher distributes automated updates instead of deciding whether to upgrade to the newest program version and then going through the installation procedure. However, it implies that publishers maintain a tight check on their clients’ usage. And they will not hesitate to audit a firm they feel is in breach of its contract. The publisher mainly controls the resultant process, and firms who are unprepared for it may struggle to manage it.

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Compliance is a significant challenge for firms that use SaaS. SaaS contracts can be difficult to comprehend, and the consequences for exceeding licensing limits are sometimes severe. Companies deemed out of compliance by the publisher may be required to pay a significant upfront fee to catch up swiftly. It implies that Software Asset Management (SAM) has become an essential aspect of the job of the IT department. To minimize over- and under-use, the firm must determine how many licenses each business unit is using and how many the business is entitled to. 

Complicated Data Mobility 

Startups exist in SaaS, yet many lack the necessary skills to thrive in such an environment. Transferring your company’s vital data from one service provider to the other becomes a challenging task in the event of a failure or a change in the service provider. As a result, the company must be prepared for such a scenario by developing an escape strategy.

Weak Performance

Compared to a similar program operating from your employee’s desktop, a browser-based application running on a faraway data center may perform poorly. Companies must consequently invest in a fast and dependable internet connection to mitigate this problem and employ application performance management tools to understand how their SaaS apps perform over time.

Whatever the solution, SaaS users now range from those drawn to web apps because they are accessible to those who work for bigger enterprises that have integrated SaaS solutions into their line of business divisions. Office 365, Google G Suite (Apps), Dropbox, Salesforce, SAP Concur, and Zoom are a few well-known examples of software as a service.

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