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Do You Need Drone Landing Pads?


What Is A Drone Landing Pad?

A drone landing pad is a lightweight landing pad, designed to provide solution for rough surfaces so that grass, stones, or dust surrounding the environment will not destroy or affect the propellers and lens of the drone. The pads are designed so that the drone landing can be smooth hereby avoiding debris, dust, or water affecting the drone.

Does A Drone Launchpad Stop The Camera And Filter/lens From Getting Damaged?

Yes, one of the main benefits of a drone Launchpad is to stop the camera and filter/lens from getting damaged. Because of the small distance between the camera and the Launchpad, it helps to avoid accidents that might affect the camera and the lens of a drone.

The Launchpad keeps the lens clean of dirt, dust, and stains. The camera and lens of a drone are sensitive areas of a drone that if not protected, will cause critical damage to the drone.

It also aids the drone from hitting trees or branches while trying to land hereby ensuring easy taking off and landing This helps to avoid severe damage to the drone sensitive parts, especially in a dusty or coarse-like surface area.

How To Protect Your Drone’s Motors?

One of the best ways to protect your drone’s motors is the use of landing pads to as to protect the motors from being destroyed when landing. The glue used when manufacturing the drone can easily tear-off when it comes in contact with a hard surface. h

So a landing pad is advised to keep the drone motor in good condition. Other methods of protecting your drone motor include

  1. Learn to control your landing when flying your drone to the ground so as not to crash hardly.
  2.  Use two battery straps instead of one so that when landing if a battery ejects, it will not land hardly
  3. Choose a good frame with lesser holes that protects main and sensitive parts of the drone
  4. Check climatic condition before flying a drone as it protects the drone in advance from sudden rain, mist, cold or snow which could affect the drone motors
  5. Using a water repellant chemical to coat the drone motors e.g. Dry Wired Chemical

How Drone Landing Pads Protects Propellers

Propellers are a plastic winged shaped device which transforms rotary motion and linear thrust. The propeller spin and creating an airflow providing lift for the drone. 

This device component is a very sensitive area of the drone as it aids the flying of the drone. The Landing pad helps to flatten the landing area for the drone. 

It also aids in avoiding environmental obstacles such as grasses, moving branches that may hinder temporal movement or damage the wings of the propellers. However if drone still malfunctions or any of the main components are damaged during flight which occurs at times, visit the drone repair service. They give you complete information on the proper repair of different types of drones.


The Possiblity Of Using Return-to-home (Rth) Feature

The Return-To-Home feature is a command button on the remote controller of the drone designed to instruct the drone to return to its Starting/Home point safely. It can be operated by pressing and holding the RTH button down which instructs the drone to navigate its way to the Home Point

The Return-To-Home (RTH) feature aids in bring the drone to the Home Point when

  1. the battery of the drone is low and minimal
  2. the drone loses its signal when connected to a Wi-Fi or remote controller

However, it is important to fly the drone in an open and spaced area so that the Return-To-Home (RTH) feature can be effective in conveying signals sent to the drone.

 Places such as urban areas with magnetic fields, metallic structures, and high voltage cables can disrupt the GPS signals being sent to the drone. The Return-to-Home(RTH) feature aids in safety fight operation.

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How Drone-pads Can Be Used To Improve Your Landing And Take-off Skills?

 Drone pads are designed to aid in easy and convenient landing and takeoff before and during flight.  The pads provide a flat surface void of dirt, dust, stones, and grasses when attached to the ground.

 This makes landing becomes so easy and convenient. The drones hereby do not have to touch the ground when taking off because the pads act as a bridge between the drone and ground.


In summary, a drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) without any human pilot. The flight of UAVs may operate under remote control by a human operator as remotely-piloted aircraft(RPA)

Also to enable easy, convenient, and safe landing and take-offs of drones landing pads are advised to be used to avoid damage to the main and sensitive components of the drone.

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