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Do Elder People Face Violence?

Do Elder People Face Violence?

Do Elder People Face Violence? What is Geriatric?

The best ever gift we all ever have received is “parents” a true blessing from God above. It is rightly said that God cannot be present everywhere, so he sent parents for us. Blessed is the one who has parents by their side to talk, share, care, love, concern, protect, listen, and entertain us with our own talks. A big thanks to the parents.

Childhood was the lesson for us to know how one should treat each other. As the best things or say all things we capture are at that very age where we see our parents taking care of us loving, feeding, and never letting us fall apart.

The struggle which they go through is, ‘I may say is pure love’. Whatever our fulfillment and requirements we demand or had without hesitation it was served in front of us. Truly said we are the reflection of our parents. We inherit qualities from them and carry forward in our life treating the same way as we are taught.

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How we treat others is said how ethically one is raised by their parents. The later phase, time changes the journey from children to grown-ups spontaneously takes places. Our emotions, love, affection, Moods, concern, priorities changes from age to age, and through development psychological factors. That very love for parents to changes, our first priority is our own self then friends and lastly our parents and families.

Time flies by, the same parents who were once godly to us become pain and stress. Slowly our behavior and emotions changes towards them. Sometimes these geriatrics face violence and abuse from their own children. They might have never thought this tragic will ever happen to them as we never know what will happen next.

What is Geriatric?

Geriatrics or gerontology meaning aging, hearing impairments, loss of eye sights, and many more reasons as such psychological aspects. Parents who thought at their old age children will take care of them and will love them as they did when they were kids but this turns to be only a dream. Old age, weakness, problems due to aging have become the reason for their children to start abuse and violence on their own parents as a burden on them.

What is Geriatric?

They feel this is a curse that has caused them to suffer. May be due to loads of work, pressurized situations, wages, the stress they could not handle their own lives which makes them turn arrogant, heartless violent towards their parents. Raising hands, hitting them has become more common. According to surveys old agers or geriatrics, violence and abuses are increasing whether it’s a male or female both suffer the same. Children are not ready to take responsibility for their parents and leave them to die.

Sometimes it’s so cruel to hear and see how can a person become emotionless😑. They decide to throw their parents out of their houses these poor old people find no shelter. Sometimes they take shelter in old age homes and many might have lost their lives seeing their own children treating them badly.

Note: In case if you feel or go through such thinking. please consult a geriatric counselor who will help you to deal with all types of problems and to recognize your parent’s problems. which will build your relationship stronger and good bonding in parent-children relation.

We all have the right to equality, according to the law, everyone has a right to live, let them live don’t be their enemies, instead understand them and love💑 them rightly. what one does is their duty and obligations towards their parents.

One of the best line said by philosopher:

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”.

Parents are an imitation of god treats them rightly.😑

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