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5 Creative DIY Video Creation Ideas To Wish Happy Birthday

DIY Video Creation Ideas To Wish Happy Birthday

Are you bored of showering your love to dearest with the same traditional wishing style that has been followed every year? Are you wondering about some unique creative ideas to make your loved one’s birthday extraordinary this year? If you nodded yes, then read out this writing piece to learn about creative ideas to make your beloved one’s birthday memorable forever.

Everyone in this world wants to do something special to wish on their closest birthday. Sometimes they are stuck in a situation where they don’t have creative ideas on how to make their birthday worth remembering. They don’t even feel satisfied with their arrangements for wishing birthdays to their dearest.

If you have ever been through this situation, let’s know about some best creative video ideas that you can follow along with mouthwatering cakes to make a loved one’s birthday special.

5 Innovative Video Ideas To Wish Birthday Along With a Luscious Cake

1) Create A Video Greeting Card

Most people simply buy a cake for the person who is close to their heart to wish them on their birthday, but if you want to do something Out- of -box using the memories that you have stored on your phone, then creating a video will fit the bill right. It is very special and easy to make creative ideas that you can send and share with your siblings, family, and friends. 

You can use a mobile application like Animoto or any other app to make a video greeting card. You will just have to upload the memories and personalize them according to your choice and preferences. You can also add music, voice-over, and text to make it extraordinary. This type of video generally lasts for 10-15 seconds, so making this creative idea will not take you more time; half an hour is more than enough to make it.

2) Make A Gift Reveal Video

Gifting your favorite on their birthday is a very nice thing. But imagine if you maintain suspense or confuse them about the real gift with a gift reveal video, then it will be great fun for them on their birthday. Along with this, you can order the cake from the platform that send cake to Delhi or another city or state of India where you live because the cake will add more value to this gift.

Make a clue-based video and add some mystery and fun so that they will be confused about the gifting item and the mystery, surprise & fun which are hidden in the video. You can unravel the gift after at the time of cake cutting that will be a great surprise that you can give treasure.

Making a gift reveal video can uplift your gifting experience that can be easily designed using Animoto, InVideo, or other handy applications. 

3) Create A Year Recap Video

Apart from ordering a cake for your cognate who lives in the distance, a year’s Recap video is the best creative idea to wish for a birthday that will reflect and relive some memorable moments. You can give this recapped video to your loved ones that will show the high and low memories you spent together last year. If he or she is your heart winner, you must have created some special memories, and your phone would be filled with videos and images. You can use it to make a year recap video. 

Write the captions and tag the special moments in this video since these videos are emotionally driven, so they will leave a sign of you. 

4) Send A Life Story Video

Sometimes you have plans for making a birthday special for the person you like, but you are not around them, then apart from ordering a cake for them, you can make and send them a life story video. Making this life story helps you to give a surprise to your pleasing ones by stepping ahead and turning a video greeting card into a mini biography.

To make a relevant life story video, find the best video and photos and make them appropriate to chalk with the best timelines, places, and special landmarks. Write down special words and add special background music that you will make your dearest mesmerized.

5) Send Them A Personalized Photo Collage.

Is your phone or laptop memory going full day by day? If yes, then why not use them to create a photo collage in a video format for wishing a fair-headed person in your life? 

It is good that you are ordering for him/her on their birthday, but apart from that, if you have the wish to make it memorable, then you can make a photo collage for them, and you can send them at the time cutting the cake that is enough for you to show a loving gesture towards them.

Pick at least 5 of the best memories of their life and arrange them in the timeline, and tie the video with some background music and birthday wish quotes that will make it heartfelt.

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To Wrap Up

Video is the way to revive the best moments with a snap of the fingers. And what would be better than surprising someone with a combo of various things? So, you can go through the above-mentioned creative video ideas to give your dearest one a reason to smile. You can also create a pet video collage or birthday meme video. However, never forget to send them a cake along with a beautiful gift because cakes are the one that completes the celebration, and without it, the moment seems like just a meeting.

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