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Digital Princess Biography, Family, Career & Lifestyle And More

Digital Princess Biography, Family, Career & Lifestyle And More

Who is Digital Princess?

Digital Princess Marissa Cloutier, also known as Pokeprincxss, was born on the 17th of January 1997. The YouTube star is an internet sensation, a TikToker, a Twitch streamer, and an influencer. She was born in the United States. It’s her gaming content on Twitch that has made her so popular. Pokemon is one of Marissa’s favorite games. Also known as Pokeprincxss, she is an internet celebrity. In honor of her Pokemon obsession, she has tattoos of Pokemon characters on her body.

Marissa is one of the most popular figures in the digital world. TikTok is her most popular social media platform. Her rise to fame was sparked by an odd incident. She was arrested for child neglect on the 27th of August by the legal authorities. This has also led people to criticize her for neglecting her son. She was also sued by Nintendo for using the copyrighted name “Poke” on social media.

In response, she changed her name from Pokeprincxs to Digital Princess. This article will provide you with even more information about Marissa Cloutier. 

There is no doubt that Marissa is a gorgeous social star. Her height and weight are 5’6″ and 57 kg (125 pounds). A beautiful personality with brown hair and hazel eyes. She has brown hair and hazel eyes. 

She does not provide much information regarding her educational background. Our only information about her education is that she graduated from a local high school. After high school graduation, she attended an esteemed college. After that, we don’t have any further information. However, she admitted to being bullied at school in an interview. Her love of video games was the reason for this.

Digital Princess Family

Digital Princess Family

Digital Princess Marissa Cloutier has never mentioned anything about her parents. She was born to her parents, and that’s all we know about her. She happens to be the daughter of a housewife and the owner of a small business, according to some sources. 

Similarly, we know nothing about any siblings of the famous TkToker. It is unknown what Marissa’s family is like. As a result, finding information is difficult. Therefore, it appears her parents come from different ethnicities. 

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Digital Princess Career & Lifestyle

Marissa has been playing video games since she was very young. Her determination to become a video gamer was forged from that time on. She has achieved her wish and currently has around 50k followers on her Twitch account. 

In addition to playing games, she enjoys dancing as well. As a matter of fact, she uploads dance videos to her TikTok account. Her TikTok videos are very popular. According to her Instagram account, she had 97.6 million views and 2.2 million followers as of August 2021.

She also has a YouTube channel called Digital Princess Marissa Cloutier. The channel is called “digitalprincxss”. On December 25, 2011, she launched the channel. It was only on September 5th that she posted her first video. “20 YEARS OF COLLECTING POKEMON PLUSHIES” was the title of her first video. 29.4k subscribers currently subscribe to the channel.

The Twitch profile of Marissa is also active. The number of followers he has there is around 62.7k. Her gaming videos are posted on Twitch. In spite of this, she deleted all videos after being arrested on suspicion of child neglect. 

A page for OnlyFans is also maintained by Marissa. There, she posts pictures and videos that are explicit. There are 83.6k likes for her here as well, so she is extremely popular here as well. The onlyFans page subscription fee is USD 16.99 a month, which you will have to pay in order to get access. 

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Marisaa Cloutier is also a designer. In fact, she owns an online fashion store named “Digitalprincxss”. Online shops such as this one offer hoodies and T-shirts. Each garment available in her e-commerce store is made of 100% preshrunk cotton, according to her. Prints on the garments are long-lasting and are created using eco-friendly inks.

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