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What Are The Different Ways To Cover Up Your Old Deck?

Cover Up Your Old Deck

What steps should you take if you need to replace your outdated composite decking in Calgary and elsewhere you live but don’t have the money to do so? Don’t worry; there are various ways your ancient deck may be covered over and given a new surface, so you won’t have to go to the trouble and expense of completely replacing it. You can get complete information about your deck covering by contacting deck builders in Calgary and your nearby area. This article will give you all the information you want about applying a coating to your deck to give it a new look.

Various Methods Of Covering An Outdated Deck

When there is significant superficial damage to the wood, but the deck’s fundamental structure continues to be in excellent shape, covering it is an intelligent alternative. If your deck has discolored from the sun or the wood contains cracking and scratches, covering it might help it appear new again. Always check the deck thoroughly before covering it. If the damage to your deck is cosmetic and the underlying wood is in good shape, you may still cover it. For this, you can visit vinyl decking in Calgary and wherever you live to get the complete cover guide. However, if it is moldy or decaying on the inside, a cover won’t save it. Let’s look at the following mentioned ways to monitor the deck.

1. Deck Tiles with a Wooden Pattern That Snap Together

If your deck has seen better days, freshen it up with little effort by interconnecting deck panels in a wood pattern. These tiles may be installed quickly and come in a wide selection of wood patterns, allowing you to find an exact match for your current deck’s aesthetic. These are straightforward methods to renew the deck’s finish, and they need nothing in the way of upkeep. Look into plastic composite decking tiles if you need a quick solution to cover your patio. Due to the wood-plastic composite’s resistance to water and decay, the covering won’t need to be replaced for quite some time. These are a lot more economical options than the cost of building a new deck.

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2. Decking Made From Composite Materials

Composite decking is an excellent alternative if you want to cover your existing deck entirely. Combining natural wood fibers and manufactured plastics in composite decking in Calgary and your nearby area makes it durable and weather-proof. Staining or sealing is unnecessary, thereby reducing the amount of upkeep needed. Composite decking may be installed directly on top of an existing wood deck if the support structure is in excellent shape.

3. Shiny New Deck Planks

There may be spots on the deck that are much less safe than others. If any deck boards are broken or missing, replace them immediately. If they don’t match the remainder of the deck, stain them to make them blend in. Also, similar to installing composite decking over an existing deck, you may just put them over the top. Look for pressure-treated wood when shopping for replacement deck planks. Because of the chemical operations it receives, this wood is weather-proof and will endure far longer than untreated wood.

4. Deck paints

The deck may be stained to maintain its original wood appearance or can be painted instead. Painting the deck not only adds a protective coating but also makes the outside area seem better. Always apply a primer before painting your deck, as it will help seal the surface and prevent the paint from separating. Then you may use high-quality deck paint. If you choose a low-quality color or don’t choose an appropriate exterior paint, it will peel off quickly, and you’ll have to repaint it. If your deck is worn and weathered, you’ll want to choose a dye that can be applied more thickly to cover up imperfections like fractures and scratching in the wood while still imparting a lovely color. Paints too thin will seep into the gaps instead of sealing them, leaving the wood looking excessively worn even after you’ve painted it.


You can also get a vinyl deck covering for your outdated and worn deck. It won’t do much good to cover up worn-out decking. You may want to consider replacing your old decking with new ones at some point—a more permanent solution, but one that will need more effort and money. If you are interested in replacing your old deck, you should visit deck builders in Calgary and worldwide.

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