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Explore The Different Types Of Hair Transplantation And Its Effects To Heal Your Problems

Types Of Hair Transplantation

Hair loss is a primary concern for many people. In most cases, we see baldness in men rather than women. Though various reasons cause baldness- it can be genetic, hormonal changes, aging, trauma, stress, and burns. In most men, hair loss starts at 23 to 28. In such a case, hair transplantation will constructively overcome your problems by infusing hair in your bald regions. You can see the baldness in the front part and the sides, as the backsides have higher estrogen relative to the front areas of your scalp. 

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Nowadays, many doctors opt for three types of hair transplantation methods, and they are as follows-

Also, You want to know about TRT costs then range from $150 to $1,500 per month and vary depending on various factors, including the type of medication.

Surgical Hair Restoration

This is a very critical hair transplantation surgery often performed by experienced doctors. In this method, the hair-bearing scalp removes the bald region, which is stretched to replace what has been removed. This surgical method helps cover the thinning area to fill the bald area and gain more volume and lusciousness. 

However, this type of method is costly, and it also has risks. Risk in the sense that the surgery sometimes is not successful, and it affects the patient’s health due to severe inducements of drugs and injections. Moreover, you can also perform the MGK hair transplant. It gained the name after the actor MGK underwent hair transplantation at 25. 

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FUT Methods (Follicular Unit Transplant)

In this method, the doctors usually take the donor follicles or the backside of your scalp and implant them on your bald regions. They tackle the backside area of your hair because they are less prone to baldness and carry high follicle particles, which help in growing hair naturally. For doing this, tiny particles or holes are made on the recipient side to infuse the tissues to experience thinning and fullness in your scalp. 

This method was introduced in the market over two decades before and gained revolutionary appeasement from the recipients for restoring a natural-looking hairline. Unfortunately, though the surgery takes two to three for its performance, it results in a horizontal scar across the back of the head. In addition, during recovery, the patient had to experience multiple injections in the donor and the recipient sides to make the surgery more rigid and everlasting. 

The FUE Technique

FUT and FUE consequences remain the same, but you must adhere to the disadvantages. Likely FUT, doctors also harvest the hair follicles from the donor to the recipient side in the FUE methods. But the main difference in these methods is their surgical ways- FUE lessens the surgical time and lowers the post-surgical discomfort. This surgery is performed by providing local anesthesia to the patient; then, your doctor would gently pluck the hair follicles from the back side of your head and infuse them on the front side.

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