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Different Types of Graphics Formats

Different Types of Graphics Formats

A graphic format is a computer file that contains an image in digital format. These types of files are often large which is why they are stored in compressed formats like PNG, GIF, etc. These formats offer web designers many options to change the visual appeal of the website.

Many different types of graphic formats can be used on different types of images to compress them into different sizes of files. This free website provides its users with all sorts of format conversions on one platform.


GIF image files are used for images made of a small number of colors and after conversion GIF files are reduced to 256 unique colors and it is used on flat color images and texts.

GIF formats compression algorithm is less complex; it produces very small-sized files. GIF format is not suitable for images with gradient colors as they can show pixelation due to smaller file sizes.

JPG images

JPG format is better than GIF format as it uses a more complex compression algorithm. Due to which it can be used for images with millions of colors and also compress them without losing much quality of the image.

The drawback is that some of the image information gets lost during the compression of the image. Moreover, it cannot be used to compress text, solid colors, and simple shapes with edges because due to loss of information during compression they can become a blur.

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PNG images

This format is an evolved form of GIF format as usage of the GIF format was subject to a royalty fee. PNG is a non-patented format that is why it is easy to access and use. One of the biggest pros of PNG format is that while compression of a file no data gets lost and when the file is decompressed all the information can be restored.

PNG is ideal for digital art like making brand logos, icons, and flat images. PNG uses 24-bit color as a foundation which means that it can support a wide range of color categories. PNG is a very useful format specially for digital art and drawings.

Why is image formatting important?

All of these graphic formats are used to prepare images for web delivery because if an image is too large it can hinder the site activity and can make it run slowly that can impact the overall performance of that site.

That is why it is important to optimize images and find a way to maintain both high quality and the smallest possible file size. As we can see if a site contains a file or image of the bigger size it will be hard to access that site and it will be difficult for it to work efficiently if multiple users are accessing it at the same time.


We can see that different image formats have different functions and depths. The Colour range of the image, file size, and its usage should be considered while selecting the compatible format as PNG is good for digital art, JPG is used for flat images. Because the choice of format can dramatically impact the quality and tone of an image.

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