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5 Dental Health Resolutions To Make For 2023

Dental Health Resolutions


In addition, untreated cavities or caries are a common oral health issue that more than 2 billion people consider. This particular data is not satisfying for anyone in this contemporary world. 

We live in a world where we can get many opportunities and solutions regarding the advancement of technology and innovation. The 21st century is an essay on the technological revolution. In this era, untreated health issues are not justified. 

Apart from that, we also see tooth decay as a common oral issue for young people under 20. There is a big distinction between our understanding and actual oral condition. This is why it is becoming hard for us to care for your dental health in advance. 

If you want to get better dental health, you will need to make resolutions. 


Well, dental health does not depend much on quick treatments, but it is a continuous procedure that helps keep up with your dental health issues. 

So, it’s time to make better resolutions and ensure that you take an advanced and healthy approach to ensure dental health.

Dental Health Resolutions To Take Care Of Your Teeth 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 46% of adults over 30 face gum disease. 

We make resolutions every year on different things, hoping to do things better and lead a better lifestyle. For instance, “getting organized,” “earning better,” and “losing weight” is among the common resolutions that we take. 

But what about your 2023 resolution?

Are you already on it?

Well, you might have considered some resolutions. No one told us to take only one resolution per year. So, it’s time to take care of your teeth and ensure that you take advanced approaches to improve dental health.

Brush Twice A Day

Are you annoyed with your morning breath? 

It comes from the bacteria that you feed every day in your mouth. We rarely consider brushing twice a day. But it is a crucial step in dealing with your oral issues. 

Considering good toothpaste is a must. If you are worried about the budget, we are sure that you can make it up for the toothpaste. Bacteria in your mouth can cause various issues. For instance, it can form a bad smell and also brings gum and cavities issues. 

Considering good toothpaste and allowing yourself to brush with a soft toothbrush twice a day will help you get rid of various dental issues. 

The first thing is that you will get rid of bad morning breath coming out of your mouth. 

And the second advantage is that you can keep your teeth and gums healthy. So it’s time to make a resolution and brush twice a day throughout the year. You can get back to us after one year with your feedback. 

Say Goodbye To Sugary Drinks

It is no surprise that sugar is bad for your health. For instance, soda, cold drinks, sports drinks, and even coffeehouse drinks are congested with sugar. These drinks are not good for our health and especially dental health

The sugar helps from bacteria and the acid that breaks down our enamel (the thin out-layer). Well, you might argue that chewing candy is also consuming sugar. 

Yes! That is true, but when you go for candy, you can simply consume it within 5 minutes and then drink water to rinse the sugar from your mouth. But with surgery, drinks like soda prolongs the exposure to sugar. 

So if you are grabbing a small glass of soda, it can harm your dental health like nothing else. So, it’s time to say sayonara to sugary drinks this year and keep your dental health up to the mark. 

Drink More Water

Drinking water does not need any proper explanation. We already know that drinking water is always beneficial to your health. However, it is particularly beneficial for your dental health as well in various ways. 

You might not have realized, but when you drink more water, you can get rid of the thirst. In this way, you can get rid of consuming surgery water. 

Apart from that, there are some prominent reasons to consume water to take care of teeth. 

  • Drinking more water will help you rinse away sugar and debris.
  • Water has fluoride that strengthens enamel.
  • Fluoride also helps to build up the mineral content in your teeth.
  • When you stay hydrated, it helps produce more saliva.

So, drinking water is going to be your next resolution this year to take care of your dental health. 

Visit Your Dentist This Year

Only doing things on your own might not always be helpful. Some people think that visiting a doctor randomly is a waste of money. But those people go to the doctors when they feel sick. 

Well, this should not be your thought process about doctors. Yes, they are for our emergency situations regarding health, but that does not mean we will not take advanced approaches to take care of our health. 

Going to a doctor will help you get rid of the huge waste of money and severe suffering. Well, if you need a complete and lifelong resolution to your dental health, Dentistry of the Queen City can help you get what you need. 

They take complete care of your teeth with advanced tools and approaches. So, going twice to the dentist this year can be your next resolution.

Loose Your Less-Than-Great Oral Habits

Long-term oral health comes with the sacrifice of bad habits in life. Taking complete care of your oral health is not just about considering direct approaches like visiting dentists and cleaning teeth. These are more like treatments, but taking care is also related to not going for the daily habits which are causing long-term damage to your teeth.

Yes, we know it’s hard to leave your habits, but it’s for the sake of your health. 

Smoking, drinking carbonated beverages, chewing tobacco, and biting your nails might not seem to be damaging anything, but these can harm your teeth and gum in the long run. Avoid these habits completely this year, and get back to us with the results that you feel after 2023.

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