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Delfina Suarez Biography – A Star By Birth

Delfina Suarez Stats

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Delfina Suarez was born on the 5th of August, 2010 to famous football personality and superstar, Luis Suarez and his wife, Sofia Balbi. Delfina is a famous celebrity child, social media and internet personality who hails from Barcelona. You might have often seen her without knowing her, as Luis often brings his family to the football stadium during his matches. 

Moreover, whenever he wins a tournament, Delfina is always there, cheering her dad on from the stands. She might be young, but Delfina has already garnered her fair share of admirers and fans across the globe. If you want to know more, just keep reading below.  

Delfina Suarez Family

Delfina is the first child of her parents and their eldest kid. Her father is a famous football personality, Luis Suarez while her mother is a celebrity spouse, Sofia Balbi. She has two younger brothers by her side, Lauti Suarez and Benjamin Suarez. She is a Christian by religion and has a mixed ethnic background. As per reports, she is very close to her siblings and parents and shares a close bonding with them. 

Present Life

Delfina Suarez is currently studying in middle school. According to her teachers, she is a brilliant student and at the top of her class. Her parents want her to focus on her studies and stand on her own. Thus, they do not want the paparazzi and limelight to get to her head. They keep a close watch over this so that her personal life is not open to the public sphere. 

Delfina Suarez’s Personal Life

Delfina spends all her time with her family whom she adores. Often, people ask about her relationship status over the internet and want to know more. For those people, the answer is no, she is not dating anyone currently and doesn’t intend to do so any soon. She is currently completely focused on her studies and wants to make a career for herself first. Moreover, her parents do not want her to get deviated from all the media attention that she gets. 

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Delfina Suarez Stats

Delfina is a sweet and cute child who takes after her mother more than her father. There are a lot of pictures of her with her mother on the internet. 

According to medical records, Delfina has a height of 4ft 9 inches currently. She weighs around 37 kg. For her age, this height and weight are perfect. Moreover, she is only 13 years old, which gives her a lot of time to grow and develop. 

The blonde beauty loves to dress up in branded clothes and make a style statement. 

Delfina Suarez’s Career 

Delfina might be young but she is already well into sports. She plays basketball and football, which are her two favorite sports. According to sources, she has already decided to get into football like her father or basketball as a career choice. 

Moreover, she is already being coached by her father, Luis Suarez. Luis Suarez is a world-famous football star, who currently plays in the position of a striker for the Spanish club, Atletico Madrid. He is considered one of the greatest players of his generation and an all-round legend as a striker. He has won several trophies including the Pichichi Trophy and the Premier League Golden Boot. His daughter might be walking towards the same goals from now on! 

Delfina Suarez’s Net Worth

Delfina was born into luxury and riches as one may imagine. Due to her father’s career, she was born with a golden spoon and naturally, is being brought up in a life of comfort. Nevertheless, her parents are adamant about not letting this get to her head and want her to make a name for herself. 

She is still studying in middle school, so she is yet to make a career for herself. No doubt, it will be a wonderful one when she steps in. Currently, her father, Luis Suarez, has a net worth of around $65-70 million. A whopping amount for a whopping player! 

So, we wish Delfina all the very best for her life to come. She is a bright star who will surely make a great name for herself over the years. One can only imagine the heights to which she will go as she sets out in the footsteps of her father. Time will tell for what it’s worth!

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