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Best Cycle Routes To Enjoy This Summer In London

Best Cycle Routes To Enjoy This Summer In London

The calling of the great outdoors has never been stronger, and if you are a lycra-loving, pedal-obsessed cycler, summer is the perfect time to hit the open road.

In London, however, cyclists are notoriously known to be bullied on main roads and, in some cases, physically pushed off the road. But we say screw that! Some of us simply want to enjoy life’s simple pleasure of having the wind through our hair and our butt on a saddle.

If you are looking for the perfect bike-safe routes you can enjoy without worrying about being run off the road by a double-decker, we’ve got you covered.

So shop away for the latest biking gear with your Adidas discount codes and slap on those bike shorts as we break down our top London cycle routes.

From scenic tourist hotspot views to tougher hillier routes to get the ol’ thighs burning, we’ve got a route for everyone.

The Wandle Trail

Total distance: 20km 

Difficulty:🚲 🚲

This ride is notoriously popular with families, and it’s easy to see why. This easy-to-navigate route follows the River Wandle from Wandsworth down to Croydon.

Full of nature and local historical landmarks, this flat, windy road is fun for all cycling capabilities, from amateurs to professionals.

Olympic Park to Wanstead Flats

Distance: 6km

Difficulty: 🚲 

The Olympic village is a cyclist’s paradise; the tarmacked roads and pavements are still pristine from 2012, making a nice smooth journey.

Head up the VeloPark, then turn eastwards into Stratford. Any route will do but aim for Cann Hall Road, which leads into a clearing of Wanstead Flats. 

This route will lead you from a new modern concrete jungle to a rural green oasis with many trails for you to explore on two wheels.

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Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace

Total distance: 6km

Difficulty: 🚲 🚲

If you are looking for that feeling of not being in London at all and looking to escape the hustle and bustle, this route is perfect for you.

Starting in Finsbury Park, the flat path winds its way along the Parkland Walk – a tree-lined track of an old disused railway that continues to connect with two sections between Highgate and Muswell Hill, with the second path leading you up to Alexandra Palace. 

The famous ‘Ally Pally’ view is one not to miss, and now that you are at the top of the hill, it’s straight cruising back down to Finsbury Park.

Big Ben to Richmond Park loop

Total distance: 38km

Difficulty: 🚲 🚲 🚲 🚲

One of London’s most popular cycling routes is the Big Ben Loop.

Fair warning, it is quite challenging, but for the cycling pros, it’s a must-do for the bragging rights alone.

Start on Cycle Superhighway 8 from Westminster to Wandsworth, then make your way down the Thames and past Tate Britain and Battersea Power Station before joining South Circular. From here, merge with London’s bikers elite down to the park and its 7.5-mile circuit. 

The clockwise route is notoriously more challenging in the climb, but the anti-clockwise loop, whilst flatter, is longer, so choose wisely.

Battersea Park to Greenwich

Total distance: 16km 

Difficulty: 🚲 🚲 🚲

This route is for you if you want to see the best of London and its highlights. A mix of quiet roads with traffic paths, this leisurely route makes for the perfect Sunday ride.

Simply follow the Thames, enjoy the view, and make some pit stops along the way for an Instagram-worthy story.

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