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14 Creative Recruitment Ideas for Your Business

Recruitment Ideas for Your Business

As your business grows, you’d require employees that can quickly adapt to the environment and help you accelerate the process. But, as the scenario around recruitment drives has changed a lot in the last 5 years, so did the creative ideas. 

Here are 14 creative recruitment ideas for your business that you can leverage from.

1. Create Your Brand

A robust brand image goes a long way. As the prospects have information about all other companies, you must stand out from the crowd when running the recruitment campaign. 

Developing an employer brand is as critical as any other marketing element within your organization. So, don’t neglect it. 

Creating a brand image and promoting your new product isn’t mutually exclusive. Although you might not actively develop your brand for product promotions, the customers might get aware of your presence as a brand and grow more confident towards your products. 

2. Promote Company Culture

Although the monetary aspect is a huge contributing factor, not having an optimum work environment will drive prospects out of your company in no time. If you have a company culture that promotes inclusivity and diversity, don’t shy away from pitching that in your next recruitment idea meeting.

A humongous 80% of employees prefer to work for a company that actively promotes company cultures as their USP. A company that refrains itself from saying that they are inclusive towards a certain community or demographic, may also be the one that doesn’t practice it. 

3. Employ Recruitment Agencies

If you are out of your depth and need talents in a short span, recruitment process outsourcing is the best option available. They already have access to prospects that are looking forward to switching to other companies or require a job. 

The companies can source talents for roles that aren’t easily available like executives and manufacturing engineers. 

Even if you are just scaling up and might need to host recruitment drives in future, the recruitment agencies can design an exclusive campaign for your requirements. They keep an extensive database of passive employees and are quite effective in finding the best match for you. 

4. Put Employees in the Frontline

Your employees are your best assets. Put this message in front and be honest about it if you value your talents and don’t want to hand them over to your competitors. Your employees are like athletes. 

If you don’t give them enough respect or lowball their efforts, they might start considering deviating towards your competitor who is keeping on promising a better work-life balance. 

While designing the next recruitment drive, consider encouraging your employees to put out testimonials for your content. 

5. Develop Personal Content

Focusing solely on the business aspect is not the best approach for recruitment. Showing your personal side to the communities, participating in charitable drives, sharing memes, portrays you as an approachable individual. 

When applying to your company, the prospects will likely relate your image and sense of humor with the brand. 

You don’t necessarily need to put out content that doesn’t go parallel with your personality, but having a personal presence in the public forums helps a lot.

6. Ease Your Recruitment Process

A lengthy recruitment process will drive your applicants crazy. Some even might fall out of the funnel too early. 

Analyze which questions in your application form are triggering the flee reaction and consider revising or omitting them. If your applicants are opting out of the process during interviews, make the feedback cycle faster. 

If your applicants are rejecting your offer after they’ve been recruited, consider buffing the packages. And if the employees are switching to other jobs too early, try revamping the office culture from scratch. 

The most hated thing among applicants is when a company asks for their CV and in the same step asks for the same details that are already in the CV. Although it might be important for building your database, consider minimizing asking for the same details over and over again. 

7. Make Recruitment and Work videos

Transparency is a critical element in any recruitment process. The prospects will wait for you to get back to them if they believe that you are trustable. Putting out recruitment videos that don’t jeopardize sensitive information may be uploaded to the job forums to gain the confidence of the prospects. 

Work-related videos that show how the employees are treated and how they are respected in the workplace can also win your brownie points from the prospects.

8. Organize Mass Events

Online events are considered the holy grail for recruiters. Host events that let the prospects and employees showcase their hobbies and talents to a large audience. An event can also be opened to the public if it has something new to offer to them. Like a workshop on the training methods that you use. 

9. Focus on Employee Retention

Attrition and retention rates are among the most important factors that determine if talents will be willing to apply for open roles in your company. As most companies have public retention records, not having one will also raise flags. Thus focusing on retaining employees is the best thing you can do to lure more employees in. 

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10. Encourage Employee Feedback

Don’t discourage your employees from talking about your company in public forums. If you have a positive work environment, you shouldn’t be worried about what they discuss about you in the forums. Always keep in mind that we complain about things that have positive points to focus on. 

It’s possible that once in a while you might stumble upon the worst review ever possible, but that shouldn’t make you cautious about the positive ones. 

11. Introduce Referral Reward

Encourage your employees to recommend their colleagues to apply for open positions within your company. Offer them monetary rewards if their recommendation joins you. That way, you can prevent the talents from diverting to your competitor and retain the best ones under your roof. 

12. Use Diverse Networks

Source your prospects from different networks and job boards. You can’t expect to find the best finance manager for your company where you found the best Java Developer. Keep an open mind and look through all the opportunities that globalization presents. 

13. Promote Internship Opportunities for Students

Students learn quickly and make the best employees in the long term. Offer internships to students that have potential and offer them a job if they deliver as expected. 

14. Send Personalized Gifts to Employees

Appreciate your employees by sending personalized gifts. After getting the gifts, most of them would go out to flex about it on social media platforms–increasing your credibility and brand value.

The Bottom Line

Your business needs employees to scale quickly. A sloppy recruitment drive not only diminishes your efforts but can also pair you with employees that aren’t the best match for your future business goals. Consider implementing these 14 creative ideas into your recruitment drives and secure the best employees possible.

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