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4 Amazing List Of Diwali That People Makes Crazy

Festival of Diwali

You must have heard time and again that people are crazy about Diwali but have you wondered what makes this festival so lovable? Well, it is not just one thing that makes Diwali this special, but many factors combine to make it a grand festival. Diwali is just not a festival, it is a feeling that all people irrespective of their caste or religion, share. It is an important festival and we all celebrate this festival with full enthusiasm from north to south, east to west. You can witness the craze of this day all around the country. Not only in India, but the festival also has fans all around the world.

Basically, what we love about Diwali and why we are crazy about this festival is that it brings in happy vibes. Everything and everyone around you seems happy, it’s like festivity is in the air. India is really a whole different land as Diwali is approaching. Here are some awesome things about Diwali that make it so loved festival all around the globe.

Family Reunions

What makes Diwali so special is the fact that on this very day, everyone flew back to their houses. Your pals, family member, or favorite neighbor you have been missing a lot, everyone tends to come back. Blame it on our thirst for a better life, however, individuals today are so occupied with work that they can scarcely get time to invest with family and friends. Celebrations like Diwali are among those rare events when individuals from the family can actually put a stay to their work duties and meet up with their loved ones and have fun. Diwali is supposed to be celebrated amongst your people. So, this festival is actually a social affair with family members you haven’t seen in some time and can be an ideal method to celebrate Diwali. Your friends will soon be coming home, isn’t Diwali worth the wait.

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Unfolding Diwali Gifts

Ah! One of my things about Diwali is Diwali gifts. As we all know that Diwali gifts are an important part of the Diwali celebration. People start buying Diwali gifts for friends, family, close ones, neighbors, colleagues, teachers, etc. at least a month ago. The marketplaces are filled with thousands of colorful Diwali gifts, and buying gifts for your loved ones is sure exciting. Seeing their happy face when you present your gift to them, that feeling is priceless (provided that your gift is good). But you know what is more exciting? Receiving gifts. It is one of the best things about Diwali when you receive fancy gifts and you get to unbox them. Who does not like receiving gifts, anyway? It just adds a pinch of excitement to the festivity.

New Ethnic Clothes

Out of many other things that make Diwali such a lovable festival, one if new clothes. Not everyone, but people who like to dress up, and get festive-ready will agree with me on this point. It is a tradition that on this very day, people wear new clothes. It is considered auspicious, so new clothes are mostly on the list. People dress up in ethnic wear and then meet their friends and family. Getting ready for this day is exciting as you get to flaunt your ethnic look and you can click pictures because a Diwali selfie for your social media account is mandatory, right? Shopping for new clothes, and accessories for your Diwali wardrobe is just so soul-satisfying and so is wearing them. Plus, since this year the number of weddings to attend was less, Diwali is your chance to get dressed your best.

Bumper Diwali Sales

How can I miss mentioning the extra benefits that you get in the name of Diwali? Another thing that makes people crazy about Diwali is the amazing super-saving Diwali sales. As you would know, just like Christmas, Diwali is also a festival when there are sales going on in the whole country because we are all in a festive mood. Some people actually wait for these sales to buy anything. These sales start at least a month ahead of Diwali and you get some really amazing offers that make it a day worth waiting for. Be it online or offline, it’s all sale, sale, sale. Isn’t it something we all like about Diwali?

Treats, day and night For us Indian, it’s all about treats. Celebrations in India are set apart by some quintessential dishes readied as a major aspect of the festivals, especially Diwali. You can amaze your relatives by cooking an excellent blowout or shock them with a fantastic early treat box of Diwali sweets upon the arrival of the celebration. Sweet shops are flooded with people because there is a sweet smell literally floating in the air which allures you in the shops.

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