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Commercial Movers: Advantages For Business Relocation

Commercial Movers

Commercial moving is the term used to describe relocating a store, production facility, office, warehouse, or another type of business to a new place. The most effective and fast help in this task is provided by commercial movers.

Typically, commercial moving shall take care of short-, mid-, and long-range moves – that means, within cities, the state of California, among states, and all over the US in general (some companies do all that, some don’t). It is often possible to find out about really good commercial moving services from relatives, friends, or colleagues — it means that a particular company does a great job and you should hire it for your tasks.

How To Plan A Commercial Moving

Depending on the size and type of a business, a moving plan will differ. There are various sorts of commercial moves, for instance, offices, stores, production facilities, factories, warehouses, museums, historical buildings… Yeah, a move every time means a headache for a businessman if there is no preliminary preparation or one is planning to move everything without a company specializing in moving. So when a company’s owner is in the process of planning a local or long-distance move, a specialist from the moving company shall first visit the site to carefully inspect everything that needs to be moved, including hardware, boxes, furniture, archives & the rest of things. After that, a precise quote of the upcoming business move must be shortly drawn and provided, describing in detail:

  • how many items are to be moved exactly
  • how many movers will be needed
  • what trucks & equipment are to be used
  • what time is necessary to pack, move & unpack everything
  • and, of course, the cost: final one, with no hidden charges.

The best moving companies make such a list, which sounds like a commercial proposal or contract.

Reasons To Hire Commercial Movers For The Office Relocation

There are no easy moves: they are at least uncomfortable & time-consuming. But there is a great solution: professional office movers, who are going to make the entire moving process hassle-free for a business owner & their employees, whatever kind of business they are having: office, production line, warehouse, store, mall, restaurant, cafe, etc.

Depending on the kinds of things you’ll be moving, think of the hands-on experience of that company in dealing with bulky, heavy, fragile, or valuable objects.

A good cover-all moving approach should include:

  • Planning & calculating a moving process
  • Disassembling furniture, equipment, and hardware & assembling them in a new place
  • Wrapping, boxing, marking
  • Using proper materials suitable for every individual purpose to make sure safe transportation
  • Moving items carefully and fast between locations, given the distance
  • Providing all the paperwork, so a client could make all relevant accounting and reporting
  • Dealing with the process as swiftly as possible to avoid any idle time of the company’s employees, which is super valuable for any company.

In addition to necessary manpower consisting of professional skilled workers, a moving company must have all necessary equipment to move items, including trolleys, straps, tools, elevators & surface protection to prevent damage not only to the moved items but also to the floors & walls. Another must-be is the provision of basic coverage by movers to refund any possible damage during the moving process.

To make sure nothing is missing during the process, there must be a moving manager to mark and list all the items & provide thorough check-in and check-out on site.

Last but not least is transparent pricing. Today, the market’s best model is charging per hour per mover, given the all-inclusive services that they provide during that: loading, boxing, packing, wrapping, disassembling, moving, unloading, unboxing, assembling, etc.

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Mistakes To Avoid During Commercial Relocation

Here are some of the most frequent mistakes that companies do when they relocate to a new place. Knowing these mistakes can help avoid them so the commercial move is quick, safe & sound:

1) Inadequate or missing planning. The hours or the day of office moving shall be freed from regular work & every employee must be focused on the company’s relocation. That would include packing their stationery and personal things & unplugging their hardware. Everyone shall have an assigned role so that when the day of moving comes, they all know what to do and how to help to facilitate the process.

2) Leaving an IT dept out of the process. Commercial movers are not responsible for setting up the computer network of companies in a new place. That is a task of the IT department. They shall disassemble all their data centers, network & hardware of users in a previous place & make sure to set up & configure them in a new place. Leaving the IT dept outside the process will prevent the work of employees in a new place to immediately start after the commercial relocation is finished, as they will sit without connection to electric outlets, intranet, phones & the Internet.

3) Not preparing the new premises before the arrival. Not only a new office shall be prepared by the IT guys but it also must have everything other for productive work, including enough space to install office cubicles, water coolers, working toilets, kitchen, nicely painted walls, carpet covers, etc.

4) Not contacting a professional local service. Commercial moving is a very responsible task. Not only one physically moves furniture, computers, papers, equipment & hardware safely & carefully but that also shall be done so in certain time frames to minimize the idle time of employees of the company that’s being moved. And the bigger the scale of a company is, the more responsibly organized it should be.

5) Underestimating the number of items to move. Everything should be carefully calculated & planned: packing material, and a correct number of commercial movers & trucks to fit the terms, budget, and distance of the move. For that, a representative of a commercial moving company is called to the location so they evaluate everything on the spot and prepare a precise final quote. In a nutshell, ordering a commercial moving company makes office relocation effective, hustle-free & meeting one’s budget expectations.

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