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Best Cloud Management Service Providers: 2022

Best Cloud Storage Services: Personal & Business Storage Providers

The digital landscape is constantly changing, and companies are adopting cloud infrastructure to adapt to it. It has been a massive transition from old to current systems. Hence, companies need to be equipped for the change. It can be challenging to select a cloud hosting company as many of them exist. However, if you have a clear idea of the requirements and solutions you need, you can locate a cloud hosting provider with the ideal combination of services for your organization. 

Cloud storage is a sort of computer data storage that makes your files instantly available on practically any internet-connected device anywhere, at any time. Here the files are stored on servers in a data center instead of directly on your device. Some of the cloud storage providers are, pCloud, Icedrive, MEGA, IDrive, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. If you are looking for a Hire Cloud Architect to help you with some top cloud service providers, we have compiled this list which is worth reading. 

Top Cloud Server Providers


Accenture is an AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud-managed service provider that offers cloud services and cloud-based solutions. It is one of the top-ranking cloud service providers. The team provides cloud infrastructure services such as migration, security, engineering, automation, strategy, and optimization. With a global reach, Accenture’s cloud services range from general-purpose for all businesses to vertical-specific solutions explicitly developed for various industries.


Cognizant is a well-known company and provides a suite of Cloud enablement solutions from migrating to, accelerating, securing, and operating cloud infrastructure for its clients. Cloud management services from cognizant establish a structure for operations ideal for continuous delivery across private, public, and hybrid cloud models. 


Just another top lister, Deloitte provides a wide range of cloud management services. The company assists clients who require full support with designing, constructing, and managing their cloud infrastructures. With the help of the Deloitte OpenCloud platform (DCP), companies get the benefits of many cloud services to accelerate their operations.


The other best on the list is OpenXcell, which offers cloud management services to streamline clients’ critical operations and manage the applications effectively. OpenXcell experts help you run your cloud operations with the necessary speed and agility. Their cloud management services include security & compliance, streamlined business processes, end-to-end business solutions, proactive support, customization, AWS Devops services, and flexible cloud platform operations. With effectively managed cloud services, OpenXcell assists you in quickly scaling and flexing to meet ongoing problems, making your company simple to handle.


Wipro is an international IT service provider that provides Infrastructure, digital operations, apps, data, analytics, and artificial intelligence services. The business has years of experience developing applications for businesses on significant hyper-scale cloud providers. Their cloud-managed services include Cloud migration, Wipro-Dell EMC Intelligent Edge, and Enterprise Digital Operations Center.  


Capgemini is one of the top international IT companies. Their cloud management services include configuring, deploying cloud applications, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and application services, and self-service brokering and provisioning. They also assist businesses in integrating public cloud services with their other enterprise IT solutions.


Logicworks is a New York-based IT company that is a top managed service provider for cloud infrastructures. The services they provide include Cloud Operations Support, Cloud Reliability Platform (automation, telemetry, and transparency), Cloud Management Takeover, Cloud Assessment, and Optimization. 

Benefits Of Cloud Management For Your Business

Cost saving – Cloud services help you efficiently access your company’s data once you’re on the cloud, which will help you launch projects faster and more affordably. Most cloud services come with different business models, which should free you from concerns that you would end up paying for services you don’t want. Your physical IT infrastructure footprint is reduced after your workload has been shifted to the cloud, which also decreases operating expenses. Hence, the overall cost gets saved.

Auto upgrades – As the technology trends keep changing, cloud technology also changes the same way. If the new upgrades are not updated, your system will become obsolete. However, the process can be challenging. Choosing a managed cloud service provider relieves you of the process, keeps up with cloud advancements, and maintains your network infrastructure as needed.

Full-time support – You receive 24-hour support from your cloud management service provider. They help detect any issues and provide instant solutions for them. Also, you get staff support which handles all your concerns and helps you with your cloud network. 

Network security – Security is the priority for any technical process. Your cloud network is prone to large attacks due to the large surface and multiple attack vectors. The process of cloud security is intricate and complex, necessitating professionals with specialized knowledge, and here is where managed cloud computing services help you keep your networks secure.

Streamline maintenance – All the cloud controls will be in one place if you use a managed service provider to maintain your cloud infrastructure. Thus, network administration and support are made more straightforward as a result.

Reliable Infrastructure – A cloud management service provider that helps you with setting up your cloud infrastructure. It is a complex and time-consuming process. Hence, it requires a lot of support and maintenance. A managed cloud service provider guarantees the cloud network infrastructure’s dependability and longevity.

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The best cloud management services will help you attain all the benefits a cloud offers. There are many cloud service providers, and we hope the list will help you select the best one. There are various features on which you can evaluate a cloud service provider, such as their performance, service delivery, legal protections, support and maintenance, and more. Hope this information helps you in selecting the best out of all.

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