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Choosing a Standard Pillow Size and Extra Tips For Better Sleep

Standard Pillow Size

When it comes to choosing the right pillow for your mattress, you have a few choices. You can opt for a Standard Pillow Size, a Super Standard Pillow, a Euro Pillow, or a Latex Pillow. Depending on your needs, you may use a combination of sizes, as long as it feels comfortable for you.

Standard Pillow Size

One of the most important things when buying a pillow is to choose a pillow size that fits you. You may need a smaller pillow if you sleep on your side, but a larger pillow is fine if you sleep on your back. Ideally, a pillow should align your head and neck with your spine while also providing comfort. You should also choose the correct pillow case for your pillow. A pillow that is too large or undersized will make it uncomfortable and can make sleeping difficult.

Standard pillow sizes are generally 20 inches by 26 inches (51 x 66 cm). This is the most common size and is good for most people. They also fit perfectly on a twin or full-size mattress. Standard pillow cases are the best choice for these pillows, though you can use a queen or king-size pillowcases if you don’t have a queen-size bed.

Super Standard Pillow

Super Standard Pillow

Super standard pillows are slightly larger than standard pillows and are ideal for side, back, and stomach sleepers. The size of these pillows is about 20 inches by 28 inches, so they will fit on standard-size beds. A standard pillowcase will fit a super-standard pillow, but a queen pillowcase will work as well.

If you have an oversized king mattress bed, you will probably need a king-size pillow. A king-size pillow is also great for people with broad shoulders who prefer fluffy pillows.

Euro Pillow

If you’re looking for a pillow to make your bed feel extra cozy, consider a Euro Pillow. These large square pillows are typically placed behind your sleep pillows for extra support. They’re also ideal for sitting up in bed comfortably. Before making the purchase, determine how you’ll be sleeping and choose the appropriate pillow size and shams.

The material used for Euro pillows is another important consideration. Some people prefer down or feather filling, while others prefer polyester. In these cases, you’ll want to choose a pillow that doesn’t feel stiff and doesn’t bother your allergies. It’s also important to choose a pillow with a tight-woven covering. A 230-thread-count cover is usually a good rule of thumb.

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Latex Pillow

Latex pillows are a natural way to improve your sleep. They provide firm support around your neck while sleeping, and are hypoallergenic. However, they are not always suitable for all sleep positions, and some may be allergic to latex. In addition, they tend to be more expensive than other types of pillows.

You can purchase latex pillows anywhere that sells bedding, but some organic or luxury latex pillows are only sold online. A good quality latex pillow should last five to 10 years with proper maintenance. However, the length of time will depend on many factors, including cleaning and sleeping habits. Generally, you should replace your pillow after several years, or when it no longer retains its shape, or if your skin starts to itch or feel sore when you wake up.

Wool Or Cotton Pillows

When you buy a new pillow, it is important to know the care and cleaning instructions. Both the cotton and wool pillows can be cleaned easily. The pillowcase should be machine-washable and can be dried on a low setting. You can also lay the pillow in the sun to dry. If the pillow is made of wool, you can steam it in the steaming basket or a special fabric steamer.

You can buy a pillow made of wool, down, or both. Wool pillows are usually cooler than down and are perfect for back sleepers. These pillows are also naturally resistant to allergens, making them an ideal option for those with allergies. Both the cotton and wool pillows are safe and don’t have any harmful chemicals.

Long Pillows For Active Sleepers

These pillows provide excellent support for active sleepers. They cradle the head and maintain a neutral position for the neck, ensuring pain-free sleep. The patented foam core also allows air to flow through the pillow for comfort. However, the foam core does lose its loft over time. It is important to fluff these pillows every few weeks or so to maintain a good level of comfort.

The inner core of these pillows has zippers for easy removal. They are available in varying firmness levels and are designed to accommodate back side, or stomach sleepers. These pillows can be washed in machine, but be sure to wash them gently on a gentle cycle. The pillows ship for free in the contiguous U.S. and are backed by a 100-night trial guarantee. 


When it comes to choosing a pillow, there are many factors to consider. You should choose a pillow that fits your mattress size and your personal sleeping habits. Also, you should consider your height. A six-foot tall person needs a different pillow than a five-foot-tall person. It is also important that you choose a pillow that aligns with your spine.

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