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Top 5 Reasons To Choose Big Commerce

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The e-commerce industry has undergone a number of changes this year, strengthening its position in global retail and wholesale. Self-isolation and the coronavirus were the impetus for change, as the percentage of mobile traffic and online payments increased significantly, and customers began to be interested in new services, such as home delivery and remote assistance when choosing goods. Changes continue to occur; today we will look at reasons to choose e-commerce in 2021. But if you don’t know what to do, hire an eCommerce developer at Elogic.

Implementation of AR technologies in e-Commerce

In 2021, augmented reality will make life much easier for both sellers and buyers. If 5 years ago a client had to go to a store to select furniture or a dress, today he can simply open a mobile application. With the help of the application, which implements AR technologies, the client will be able to “try on” furniture on his interior, as well as test makeup, hairstyle or the combination of jewelry with a festive outfit.

AR technologies will help optimize the online sales process, reduce the workload on staff and increase the percentage of satisfied customers. AR technologies are successfully combined with artificial intelligence, in this case, AI acts as a virtual consultant. Large Ukrainian companies are already using augmented reality. A striking example is the Allo Virtual Shop application from the ALLO online store, which has no analogs in Europe.

Caring For The Environment

More than 60% of customers prefer to cooperate with online stores that care about the environment. As part of improving environmental friendliness, you can:

  • offer customers electronic receipts, not printed on paper;
  • do charity work by supporting projects and movements that work to protect the environment;
  • expand the range of goods made from natural materials;
  • use environmentally friendly packaging. Eco-friendly packaging is recyclable or made from recyclable materials, primarily cardboard packaging, as well as natural fabrics.

Some sellers refuse to use non-sustainable packaging, while others offer customers a choice of packaging, which allows for taking into account the interests of different representatives of the target audience.

The Rise Of Influencers And Social Media

In 2020, more than 18 million Ukrainians used social media, but the numbers are constantly increasing.  Many social networks allow not only communicating with customers but also creating full-fledged stores in which you can sell any type of goods – from food to luxury jewelry.

Changing The Way We Organize Work

Remote offices – reality in 2021! If the epidemiological situation does not improve, then the owners of the online store will have to think about transferring the maximum number of employees to the remote control. Yes, the staff will need to be provided with the necessary equipment, but at the same time you can save on utilities, office rent, cleaning – there will be a significant decrease in mandatory monthly payments. Land-based stores find it difficult to refuse to rent premises, consultants, or cashiers, so the e-commerce business is in a better position.

However, the transition to remote work should not have a negative impact on the quality of customer service. In 2021, the demand for software that helps to implement effective time management, ensure communication between employees, protect information and take care of cybersecurity will increase significantly. Hire bigcommerce developers at Elogic to know more.

Fast Contactless Delivery

The modern client is not ready to wait for his order for a long time, this trend will continue in 2021. An online store owner looking to retain customers and drive repeat sales must focus on speeding up the delivery process. To solve this problem, you can resort to the following recommendations:

  • cooperation with trusted transport companies that do not disrupt delivery times;
  • creation of a staff of couriers who will deliver delivery within one or several regions, depending on the geography of work and the capabilities of the online store. To reduce costs, it is worth attracting couriers who have their own transport – from electric bicycles to cars;
  • organization of points of delivery of goods, where the client can pick up the order at a convenient time.
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