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How to Choose the Best Gir Organic A2 Ghee on the Internet?

How to Choose the Best Gir Organic A2 Ghee on the Internet?

A true Indian will understand the importance of organic A2 ghee in their diet. It has always been an essential ingredient in Indian dishes. The beautiful aroma and health benefits of organic A2 ghee are acknowledged by all. However, earlier people used to be skeptical about using pure desi ghee, but now the times have changed. It is now recognized as a superfood in Western countries as well. Earthy Tales offers the best quality online gir organic A2 pure ghee, a powerhouse of nutrients that is free from adulteration and other chemicals.

What is Gir Organic A2 Ghee? 

Adopting A2 organic desi cow ghee online is different from regular ghee. Compared to regular ghee, which is made by heating ghee, A2 gir cow ghee is produced from the milk of a gir cow. These cows are known to be native to the Gir forests, in Gujarat. Also, A2 desi cow ghee is prepared via the traditional bilona method.

The method involves A2 gir milk, which is boiled on low heat and helps remove impurities, raw smells, and tastes. After this, it is poured into earthen pots to convert the milk into curd. Later, the curd is churned clockwise and anti-clockwise with bilona. This process helps in yielding butter, which is then placed under the heart to make organic A2 ghee.

How to Choose Gir Organic A2 Ghee? 

Certain steps can help you choose the best online gir organic A2 pure ghee. To identify the quality of the organic A2 ghee, you can follow these tips:

  • Read the label.

The label will hold all the information about the production and making of the ghee. You will learn via the label whether the ghee is prepared using the traditional bilona method or not. Also, go through the list of ingredients, preservatives, colours, or fragrances.

  • Understand the packaging of the organic desi cow ghee.

Most people avoid the mediocre packaging of desi cow ghee. But it plays an essential role. If the desi ghee is in plastic jars, then try to avoid it. Due to this, it can attract chemicals easily in such packaging. So, opt for desi cow ghee in glass jars.

  • Know whether it is lactose- and casein-free.

Desi ghee made from A2 milk and the traditional bilona method is safe for people who are lactose intolerant. However, it is always safe to confirm whether it is lactose- and casein-free.

Why Choose Earthy Tales for Organic Desi A2 Gir Ghee?

Organic A2 desi ghee is making its strong place in the Indian plates due to its purity, health benefits, and traditional bilona-making method. People are inclining towards A2 gir desi cow ghee than regular ghee. Earthy Tales offers organic desi cow ghee online that is made from superior-quality A2 milk from indigenous Gir cows. It is unprocessed and made at the lowest temperature to maintain its nutritional value. Also, to keep your health a priority, Earthy Tales offers its delivery at your doorstep in Delhi, NCR, and pan-India.

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