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CBD Oil for Dogs and How to Use Them

CBD Oil for Dogs

Cannabidiol, known as CBD, is a natural compound that is found in the cannabis plant species. It has become famous due to its health usefulness. It is a well-known fact that it is beneficial to human health, but can it be helpful for a pet’s health, say a dog?

The answer is yes! This is because dogs have the same physiological makeup that processes cannabidiol as humans. Hence, it is also able to produce similar health benefits in animals as well.

Currently, no scientific backup has approved the use of Cannabidiol on pets, although there are ongoing studies that may lead to its possible approval. However, owners are using it on their pets because of the perceived effects it has produced in series of tests and studies. You can check the pethempcompany CBD brand for more on the ideal cannabis products that are safe for pet use.

Health benefits of CBD on dogs

CBD oil cannot heal any ailment but can only help to manage the pain and signs that may be associated with any of the following:


Ongoing studies have shown that the administration of cannabidiol treatment on an arthritic dog can decrease the pain to a large extent without any side effects. This will, as a result, increase the activity of the pet.

Inflammation and Soreness

Pets suffering from inflammation and soreness often move around reluctantly and withdraw from social contact. The use of this product on such dogs can help ease the inflammation and soreness, consequently improving their activity and social attributes.


As a result of environmental conditions, dogs may become anxious. Anxious dogs often show signs of panting, licking, trembling, urinating, and barking. Owners apply this product to the disturbed pets to help them manage their anxiety as studies have shown that doses of cannabidiol can reduce stress in them.


Dogs experiencing epileptic seizures can be calmed by as much as 33% when they are administered the product due to its powerful and influential chemical composition. This link has more on treating epilepsy in pets with the use of cannabis. 

Side Effects of CBD Oil on Dogs

Generally, it has been shown that this drug is especially safe for pets. But, many scientific publications have revealed that even when administered the proper dosage, cannabidiol does cause a change in the pet’s liver. It is not ascertained yet what the change signifies, but it is perceived to be liver irritation. Hence, the use of the oil may cause damage to the liver of the pet.

Also, there have been reports that canines become extremely inactive after taking a large dosage of CBD. So, they are likely to become dull when administered the drug. However, this will disappear over time. Here, though it can be seen that there are ‘‘perceived’’ adverse effects of CBD on pets, they are uncertain and very mild.

How Much CBD can I give My Pet?

How Much CBD can I give My Pet

Giving CBD oil to a dog should be in the correct dosage. An overdose is likely to generate an unpleasant reaction from the animal, and an under-dose may not accomplish its purpose. Hence, the importance of administering the proper doses to your pets cannot be overemphasized.

Studies have shown that when using this oil for dogs suffering from arthritis or seizures, the dosage must be between 2-8mg/kg twice a day. This dosage is found to be very effective and safe for pets suffering from these conditions. However, additional research is required to determine the dosage best suited for managing other diseases.

Whether the correct dosage is established or not, it is advised to try it out in small quantities and observe what goes on with the pup. Also, always seek the opinion of a veterinary doctor or an expert when you want to use CBD oil on your canine companion. 

How to Use CBD on Dogs?

CBD oil can be used on dogs in the following ways to avoid any severe complication 


Owners who want to administer CBD for their pets can do so through the treats given to them. Porous treats are best suited for this purpose as they can absorb the oil better than other types of dog treats. When you have the correct quantity of CBD, apply it to the treat and give it time to get absorbed into it.

The other alternative is to buy pet treats that already have the CBD baked with them. This will allow you to save the time and stress of doing the soaking yourself.

Direct Oral Application

You can also apply the oil directly to the dog’s mouth or use a dropper to put it into the pet’s mouth. If the pup likes this method, continue using it but remember to always be gentle with it. Do not choke or squeeze the mouth of the dog. This page has suggestions on how to use cannabis for pets orally. 

Mix with Pet Food

One of the best ways CBD oil can be applied to dogs is when it is mixed with their food. It should start with small quantities in their food, and if the dog is not showing improvements after the consumption, it will be an excellent idea to increase the dosage moderately. As stated earlier, it is advised to seek the opinion of a veterinary doctor regarding the dosage. Although the dog may not like CBD at first, it will adapt to it with time.


Cannabidiol oil has shown to be beneficial to humans as well as pets, dogs especially. While there is not enough scientific fact to establish its usage, there have been positive testimonies from dog owners who have used this product to improve the health of their dogs.

CBD oil is generally safe for dogs, but appropriate caution should be taken when administering the drug to them.

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