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Career Options In Thailand – What You Need To Know

Career Options

If you have visited Thailand and this charming culture has you hooked, you are probably thinking about moving to Thailand permanently and who could blame you? There are, of course, many expats who live and work in Thailand; you should check out the Thai Board of Investment to find out what professions foreigners are allowed to work in Thailand.

Professional Recruitment Agencies

There are agencies for executive search and recruitment in Bangkok, Thailand and by registering with them, you can access the many positions that are available. Create a bio and give the agency your resume, then if anything suitable comes along, you will be notified. There are no fees involved when you register with a recruitment agency, plus they have the best employers on their books.

Degree Qualified

Regardless of your chosen career field, you need a minimum of a BA to obtain a work permit in Thailand; if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, it would be very difficult to find an employer to sponsor you for the work permit. You would likely need a copy of your transcript; it depends on the current Ministry of Labour requirements. Here is a blog on how to handle setbacks in business.

Digital Nomads

While there are no specific visas for remote workers, many digital nomads stay long-term in Thailand with an education visa (to study the Thai language). If you are aged 50 or over, you can apply for a retirement visa, provided you meet the financial criteria. It is possible to stay in Thailand for 105 days if you apply for a 60-day tourist visa at a Thai embassy in your home country; you can extend for a further 30 days and then a further 15 days, which is usually enough.

Working Illegally

If you work illegally in Thailand, you run the risk of arrest, which leads to a period of jail time, and then probably deportation, which no one wants. If a potential employer informs you that they are not in a position to apply for a working visa on your behalf, we don’t advise you to proceed. The process of hiring is as follows:

  • Job interview with the employer (face to face or via Zoom)
  • Employer issues employee letter requesting Non-Imm O visa
  • Employee visits Thai embassy (own or another country) and applies for Non-Imm O visa
  • Employer applies for a work permit
  • Work commences

Your work permit expires when your visa expires and if, for any reason, you leave your employment, you are given 7 days grace to leave the country.

Teaching English

Providing you are a) a native English speaker and b) possess a BA (in any field), you can apply to work as an English teacher at a Thai school. Many young travellers earn money by coming to Thailand and working for one academic year. Search online for teaching agencies and see what is available.

Check out the Board of Investment (BOI) website for more information about living and working in the Royal Kingdom of Thailand.

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