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Factors to Consider Before Buying The Best Color Contact Lens

Color Contact Lens

Spectacles – an object that can have a tremendous impact on your face have a huge role to play. Apart from providing a clearer vision, it assists an individual in enhancing their overall look. However, not all things serve juicy icing on the top. 

Due to spectacles, a person has to face many difficulties. Many restrictions come along with such a type of eyewear. Problematic issues of cleaning the lens multiple times, carrying constant pressure on your nose, and facing splattered visions in the rain – it is total chaos. 

But there’s a solution for everything. If spectacles were not able to become the center of your life, contact lenses are what you seek. There are various factors to look upon before hoping for the best color contact lenses brand

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Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Color Contact Lens 

Here’s a top-notch list of essential things to consider before purchasing the best-colored contact lens:

Match the look on your face 

The color of your eye is one of the most vital elements which add grace to your face. Be it blue, green, black, or brown – it’s a gift of god. However, you can change it with the help of stylish colored contact lenses. 

Make sure you hop on such a color that matches the character of your face. You can freely experiment when it’s about partiers, but choose a subtle color when going to school or the office to be in complete sync with your personality. 

Deeply analyze your skin tone 

Contact lenses should be highly evident but at the same time indulged in as a natural piece of the face. For this, it’s necessary that it matches your skin tone and doesn’t look out of place. Let’s explore which contact lens is best for your skin tone!

Warm Skin Tone

If you have a warm skin tone, brown, hazel, or even light blue highlights can be a cherry on top. These colors form a perfect contrast with your skin tone, along with adding the required glam up for your face. 

Cool Skin Tone 

A cool-toned skin undoubtedly goes with gray, purple, and blue contacts, and they highly complement all your undertones while enhancing your personality. Be it a party, office hour, or religious festivities – you can hop on to these colors anytime. 

Neutral Skin Tone 

A skin tone that ranges from a light brown to a light olive complexion is a neutral one. This can go with any desired contact color and makes you look absolutely stunning in each one of them. People with neutral-toned skin can wear any such colors easily, be it honey, violet, or green. 

Always choose the best color contact lenses brand that can get paired with your skin tone easily. 

Don’t miss out on the Expiry Date 

Contact lenses are not like spectacles that can be used continuously for a long time, and they have a specified expiry date, post which their chemical reactions may harm your eyes. This is why you need to pay utmost attention to the validity of their use. In most cases, the validity period of a contact lens can stretch from one day to 6 months. 

However, choosing a daily disposable lens is mostly preferred as they keep your eyes clean and maintain a healthy balance. Make sure to enquire about the expiry date before you finalize your color contact lens. 

Consider your lifestyle

When it comes to contact lenses, lifestyle has a huge role to play. Not all beings share a similar lifestyle. Some love to stick to screens, some prefer physical activities, and some get stuck between busy schedules. There are different color contact lenses for each of them. If you have an increased screen time, go for contact lenses that contain high moisture content. 

By being surrounded by computers, laptops, and phones – eyes become dry and require moisture to get refreshed. If you are a pro at sports and love being outdoors, you can choose any kind of contact lens, and they keep you away from the ending struggles of cleaning spectacles while giving your best shot. 

However, if you come across various sharp equipment on a daily basis, contact lenses are not your thing. Since you’ll have to wear protective eyewears all along, contact lenses would make it a more problematic situation for you. 

But if you are a busy bee juggling between your home and office, contact lenses are what you need. Hop on to the daily disposable ones and carry on with your work hassle-free. Just wear them for a day, dispose of them at night and start with a fresh pair the next day. These types of contact lenses also help you get rid of the responsibility of cleaning and storing them each night.

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Be in sync with your hair color 

Hair color is one of the essential parts of everyone’s face. Ranging in different colors, they serve extensive exposures for choosing the desired colored contact lenses. Here are specified contact lenses for the most common hair colors:

Black Hair 

Black is such a color that works perfectly fine with any kind of color contact lens. However, the best choice is to choose contrast shades, including honey, green or blue. Brown or gray colored contact lenses can also help you look a bit natural. 

Brown Hair

Brown, an exceptionally graceful color, allows you to experiment with multiple colors. Be it blue, black, green, or even gray – with brown colored hair, you’ll look extremely elegant in each of them. However, dark brown calls for lighter-colored contact lenses like honey and its distinct shades. 

Blonde Hair 

Such a hair color demands blue-colored contact lenses. But dark-colored lenses with blond hair serve you absolute beauty, without any doubt. These primarily include chocolate, dark brown, black, or even darker shades of blue. 

Wrapping Up

Apart from all the points mentioned above, it’s crucial to choose such a colored contact lens in which you experience the most comfort. 

At lenskart, you can get a vast range of colored contact lenses and hop on to the most appropriate contact lens in no time. Lenskart contact lens price ranges from Rs 450 to Rs1119, but you can enjoy exciting offers with Lenskart’s festive and personalized sales. 
Visit Lenskart and get your perfect color contact lens today!

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