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Buy The Most Stylish Earrings With Lobe Cuffs From Here

Earrings With Lobe Cuffs

Stretched lobes with cuffs are very much in fashion these days! If you too like to wear earrings with lobe cuffs, then you need to choose the best ones. The classic lobe cuffs look classic and evergreen. They look stunning with your casual outfits. Want to invest in some luxurious piece of lobe cuffs? Then you are at the right place. This can be an ultimate accessory for women with stretched lobes. You can find some of the best pieces in Ask and Embla Original as they have a great collection of lobe cuffs. Read on to know why to choose this company.

How to pick the right earrings with lobe cuffs?

The earrings with lobe cuffs are available in 3 different colors and 2 different sizes. When it comes to size, there are two main varieties – long and short. Also, the drop of the lobe cuffs is available in two varieties – 6 mm and 7.6 mm. Hence, you can pick whether you want the cuffs in short length or long length with the right drop size according to your preferences.

Short cuff: These short lobe cuffs come with a width of 9 mm and the weight of the earring is about 1 gram for each piece. The inner diameter of the drop can be 6 mm or 7.6 mm.

Long cuff: These long lobe cuffs come with a total width of about 18 mm and the weight of each piece is about 3 grams.

You can also pick the right lobe cuff based on the color preferences too. The three options that you can get to choose from are – rose gold, silver and gold. The minimalist designs with polished shine of silver, gold or rose gold look quite stylish and luxurious.

Buy The Most Stylish Earrings With Lobe Cuffs From Here

Style and material of earrings with lobe cuffs

The earrings are styled with lobe cuffs that look quite stylish and classy. The base material of the earrings is eco brass which is reliable, sturdy and provides a lasting durability. The style of the lobe cuffs is designed especially for a much compact and sophisticated look that can sit relaxed or snug around your lobe. You can check their size chart to know the exact fit for your lobe.

Talking about the material, these lobe cuffs are available in – rose gold, gold and silver. The gold lobe cuffs are coated with 14k yellow gold e-coating and electroplating. The silver lobe cuffs are coated with Rhodium e-coating and electroplating. The rose gold lobe cuffs are coated with 14k rose-colored gold e-coating and electroplating.

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You can visit Ask & Embla Original official website to browse through the best earrings with lobe cuffs. You can find some of the best styles and designs there. You need to make sure that when it comes to choosing the best lobe cuffs, you have to select the most classic and stylish one. The collection at Ask & Embla is really worth looking at. Each of the pieces is crafted by them to fit every occasion. Every piece has a unique and intricate design that you can flaunt.

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