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What Do You Require To Learn To Buy An Apartment In Antalya?

What Do You Require To Learn To Buy An Apartment In Antalya?

The city of Antalya is geographically discovered 11 km from the airport of the same name. Its popularity is also evidenced by the fact that every year the Turkish resort welcomes many travelers and tourists – more than a million people! It is no secret that buying apartments in Antalya is a real “southern dream” for many because by relaxing here, or coming from time to time, you can see various interesting views both in the city itself and its environs, in particular, made by nature itself: waterfalls Duden, Konyaalti and Lara shores, Altinbesik subterranean caves and much more.

The antique detail of the city evokes amazing sensations, and it is full of ancient architectural monuments preserved from the ancient era: the theater, the ruins of Perge, the ancient fortress walls, the Murat Pasha Mosque, and the Yivli Minaret, Hadrian’s Gate, the sunken city of Kekova, Lycian tombs. Your own place or maintaining a flat in Antalya is also proximity to current recreation complexes, for instance:

  • Museum “Mini-City” with small replicas of the sights of Turkey;
  • the world’s biggest underpass aquarium with a size of more than 130 m;
  • a water complex with a water park and a dolphinarium;
  • magnificent parks with unique monuments, etc.

In addition, major occasions and artistic possibilities are regularly held here, among the well-known ones, such as the Golden Orange Film Festival, the international sand sculpture festival, the annual national oil wrestling championship, and so on.

Why Should You Choose Antalya?

There is incredible nature, picturesque landscapes, a favorable climate for people of all ages, ancient culture, and many historical sights. Listing all the advantages of Antalya can take a long time, and this list will not stop. The cleanest beaches, the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the unimaginable beauty of the waterfalls, and the amazing architecture, clearly show the Turkish charm and the European character.

Developed Resort On The Mediterranean Coast

Antalya is not a small city on the south coast of Turkey. This is a well-maintained world-class resort, which is being actively developed and built up. Millions of tourists from all over the world come here every year, who have already managed to appreciate this region’s delights. Numerous restaurants with European and national cuisine, cafes and bakeries, beckoning with the aromas of pastries and coffee, clothing stores and trendy boutiques, souvenir shops, and Turkish markets – all this has become a favorite place for tourists and vacationers.

Local citizens also have all the facilities for a comfortable stay:

  • banks and ATMs;
  • clinics and hospitals;
  • kindergartens and schools;
  • ebauty salons and supermarkets;
  • insurance and notary offices.

In Alanya, tourists from Western Europe and people from the CIS countries who have come for permanent residence feel comfortable and find something interesting.

A Wide Range Of Quality Properties

Walking the streets of Antalya, you can see colorful Turkish houses and modest residential complexes in which, often, the Turks themselves live. But modern residential complexes, which are very similar to luxury hotels, deserve special attention.

Safety and power efficiency, high-quality finishes, and avant-garde design with large decks and standard locations characterize LCDs in Antalya. Infrastructure usually includes:

  • indoor and outdoor pools;
  • children’s play spaces on the street and in separate rooms;
  • recreation areas with gazebos for barbecue;
  • SPA-complexes: hammams, saunas, steam rooms, massage rooms;
  • gyms with modern equipment;
  • parking.

Real estate sales in Alanya are growing at an unprecedented pace. There are many foreigners among the buyers, both from European countries and from post-Soviet countries.

Affordable Property Costs In Antalya

The costs compare favorably, which is especially noticeable against the backdrop of the European market. You can buy apartments from the developer here for only 70,000 euros. Italy, France, and Spain have had no such prices for a long time.

You can buy an object on the primary market under the terms of the installment plan provided by local developers. It is issued at 0% per annum for the entire project construction period. At the same time, it can be issued with only 30% of the value of the object in hand, and the rest is divided into equal payments that can be made monthly, quarterly, or by an individual schedule agreed with the developer.

High Investment Potential Of Real Estate In Antalya

The demand for housing on the sea coast in Antalya has always been and will be stable among foreigners. Apartments in this region can be ideal places for a personal holiday or a source of income. At the same time, real estate profitability indicators are among the highest in Europe.

And we must not forget that this region has enormous tourism prospects. This part of Turkey can be called one of the most visited and prestigious resorts. The average profitability of apartments in Antalya reaches 8% per year, and if you buy an apartment within walking distance from the sea, you can count on an income of over 10%.

Another option for a profitable investment is the resale of an object. In the past few years, the Turkish real estate market has steadily increased prices. This indicator is in the range of 10-15%. If you buy an apartment in Antalya and wait 3-4 years, you can earn up to 40% of the original cost of the object.

The most sought-after property in Antalya is on the first line. It costs more and is valued more due to its proximity to the sea. Due to the high demand, it is easy to sell and rent.

Property In Antalya

The choice of housing is better to start with comparing the cost of apartments, villas, and apartments. Turk.Estate has a choice of real estate costs in Antalya. Begin examining for your home in the sun in this stunning corner of Turkey today.

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