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Everything You Should Know About Building a Custom House

building a custom house

Are you ready to purchase your first home or upgrade from your current home? Don’t go the cookie-cutter route. Building a custom house is the way to go.

Custom-built homes allow you to put your signature on a house. You’re a part of the planning and design phase, so you get to personalize it the way you want it. Imagine choosing all the unique finishes like vaulted ceilings and lighting.

Let’s also talk about the money you’ll save. Existing homes on the market require some work, most times close to $150,000 worth of work.

With a customized new home, you’re not paying for a home and then shelling out money for repairs later. You can use that extra money for add-ons at a later date.

Are you thinking about building a custom house but aren’t completely sure? Here is everything you should know about the custom home building process.

Get In the Know

Nothing’s worse than jumping headfirst into a project like building a home without getting info first. Before you make a contract with a builder, read up on all the information that you can.

Go to Google and type in “home builder near me” to check out websites of local builders. Study their process—where they build, how to design floor plans, costs, and more. Visit building sites to see the home-building process itself.

Take advantage of other online resources like Instagram for Reels and Facebook Marketplace. Twitter and Pinterest are also valuable sources. Previous buyers often blog about their experiences.

You get an inside scoop before you make a connection with a builder.

Building a Custom House Means Choosing the Right Builder

There’re no free do-overs when it comes to building a new home, so choose the right builder wisely.

Set up appointments with different builders. Discuss their process, costs, and plans. Ask to visit their building sites to verify they’re building with sustainable materials. Take a look at models that pique your interest.

Most importantly, don’t sign the contract on the first date. Take home the information they give you and mull-it-over. Meet again with a different rep from the same builder to make sure you get the same information.

At your second meeting, discuss negative customer reviews. Willingness to discuss constructive criticism shows the integrity of the outfit.

Get Your Money Up

Building a custom home isn’t free, so make sure you have enough saved up. Some builders offer payment plans, but it is always better to have strong savings.

Do the numbers one year or two years before you decide to build. This gives you at least 24 months to put aside an additional 10% of your income to help out. Plus, you don’t want to be in a position where you don’t have enough. At the time of this writing, there are tax credits for new, energy-efficient homes. This can help offset the overall price, but it would be in your best interest to do your research if you are filing your own taxes, or consult with an expert to help you file taxes.

Build That Home

Building a custom house saves you the headache of driving around looking for one. Find out the cost and build a custom house the way you want it.

We have more real estate tips like this. Take a look at our home and lifestyle guide for the latest in all things home and more.

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