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Top 5 Breakfast Spots to Get Fueled Before Your Disneyland Adventure

Breakfast Spots to Get Fueled Before Your Disneyland Adventure

With everything that Disneyland has to offer, you know you’ll get hungry. The rides, the lines, and fighting your way through the crowds and a full day of exploring can get tiring very quickly. To refuel yourself, you should kick off your visit the right way by stopping at one of the best restaurants for breakfast. Breakfast is believed to be a fundamental part of your day, and Disneyland delivers it when it comes to food. 

You can choose between sweet and savory to luxurious or basic. You have your choice between Mickey and Minnie mouse waffles, eggs benedict, and some restaurants even offer fried chicken as a breakfast item. 

When you’re looking to refuel your adventures and start your morning, come and look at these five best Disneyland breakfast spots to find the best places to eat breakfast.

What To Choose From

When it comes to Disneyland restaurants, you have a few options that you can choose from. You can utilize a quick service restaurant, which is an excellent option for looking for something lighter. These options can also be held so that you can eat on the go. The other option you have is sitting down at a table service restaurant. A table service restaurant is usually preferred for families that want a slower meal. That will fill you up for longer. They offer buffet options, and it lets you relax for a minute before you go back to all of the fun.

It would help if you also didn’t forget about the Disney character meals. If you want the best start to your trip to Disneyland, you can have breakfast with Minnie Mouse, the princesses, Goofy, or even Mickey Mouse himself! It’s a choice that is, most assuredly, hard to beat. For example, the princess breakfast offers your child gifts, a free photo, and a gift bag. You also get a three-course meal.

The final remaining question is to figure out which one you choose? The answer will lie in whatever plans you have for the day and how much you plan to eat. The morning meal tends to be cheaper than lunch or dinner, so it’s a great way to sample what the resort offers without spending outrageous prices. If you decide to do one of the character meals, you should know that they vary in price and that some are cheaper than others. 

Most find that it’s well worth it because certain characters are guaranteed to show up at each character’s breakfast. With Minnie’s, you can see many of your favorite characters, and she offers the chance to see rare characters that you haven’t seen before at the park. 

The Red Rose Taverne Qualifies As One Of The Best Disneyland Breakfast Spots 

When you enter Disneyland, the first thing you will see is that there are various options for food. The first breakfast spot that makes our list is the Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland. It qualifies as one of the best Disneyland breakfast spots because it offers the best when you’re debating sweet versus savory. In this restaurant, you find two outstanding contenders for breakfast. 

If you love sweet items, try this on for size. It’s a Mickey Mouse-shaped pancake topped with a berry capote. On the flip side, if you’re in a savory mood, you can try the Beast’s Breakfast Burger, a fan favorite. It is an Angus patty topped with an egg and bacon orange marmalade. As many people haven’t tried marmalade in quite that capacity before, it’s an excellent option for a burger that is entirely savory with just a hint of a sweet flavor.

The Ship To Shore Marketplace

Are you in love with the ride Big Thunder Mountain? We know we are! If you want a meal worthy of the area, try the Ship to Shore Marketplace. It qualifies as one of the best Disneyland breakfast spots because they have breakfast chimichangas! They are wildly popular, and they sell out extremely early. The best thing that you can do for your family is to get here first thing in the morning. 

As a side note, if you want to give it a try, be sure to grab some napkins because they can get greasy, and they come with salsa. It is an excellent option for filling your stomach. You may have to watch your little ones, though, so they don’t spill on their clothes.

Minnie Mouse & Friends, Breakfast In The Park

If you’re a fan of Minnie Mouse, then come down to Main Street USA, and you will find The Minnie Mouse & Friends Breakfast In The Park at the Plaza Inn. This is one of the many character breakfasts that we had mentioned above. Going on rides at Disneyland is fun, but there’s always something about meeting your favorite Disney characters that can truly make a vacation better. Unfortunately, if you’re trying to see a lot of them, it can take a lot of time that you don’t have. That is unless you go for a character breakfast!

When you choose the Breakfast In The Park with Minnie & Friends at the Plaza Inn, you get an all-you-can-eat breakfast with classics, and you have a rare lineup of characters that will be in attendance. For example, many people have seen Max, Goofy’s son, in the movies but have never seen him in the park. If you love Winnie the Pooh and his friends, they’ve been known to come through here too. If you want to meet him for the first time, you should come to Minnie’s breakfast. Minnie is an excellent hostess, and she always treats her guests with the best and most friendly smiles. 

Maurice’s Treats In Fantasyland

We all know Maurice as Belle’s lovable father who had trouble getting his inventions to work. Now you can try his food! Coffee and donuts are a staple for a reason. They fill you up, they’re lovely and warm on a cold day, and donuts make people happy. When you want to get a great cup of coffee and the Boysen Apple Freeze, which is incredibly refreshing, come to Maurice’s Treats. 

You can also choose between various donuts and donut holes. Like any true donut shop, they have unique and innovative staples. The donut holes are aptly named Maurice’s Pieces. They are mouth wateringly delicious as the holes are rolled in chocolate and cinnamon sugar or milk and cookies. Another fan favorite? The Churro Gears. These are cinnamon sugar donuts and are wildly popular with little ones. The atmosphere is friendly and lovely, and the food is excellent. It earns its place as one of the best Disneyland breakfast spots.

Ronto Roasters At The Galaxy’s Edge 

Are you ready for lunch or dinner? Ronto has you covered. However, don’t discredit this restaurant for breakfast. It offers morning wrap, and it is so yummy! The wrap is a pita stuffed with cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, grilled pork sausage, and has a bit of peppercorn sauce. The sauce has a unique flavor that brings out the different combinations of ingredients. It is a great way to refuel for the rides. The best part? It’s handheld. Be careful, and you can eat it on your way to the next ride. 

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Restaurants At The Hotels 

There are various food options available at the hotels, and you shouldn’t count them out either. The hotels are famous for hosting character breakfasts, and they offer unique flavors that you can’t find anywhere else. For instance, if you head to Goofy’s Kitchen, you can have pizza topped with macaroni. 

Heading over to Mickey’s Tales of Adventure Breakfast and Brunch will let you enjoy egg white frittatas and chili Verde chilaquiles. Another great option is to try the eggs benedict with the spiced hollandaise. 

The Disney princess breakfast is hosted here as well. You get a great experience and can meet up to eight princesses and get a gift and gift bag for your children. The best part? It’s a three-course feast with tableside pixie dust!

Are you still looking for something different? That’s okay. We’ve got another option for you! Come to the Tangaroa Terrace Tropical Bar And Grill. They have a Hawaiian culinary institution at Loco moco. The fried egg is the best. Other favorites, however, include the Japanese pancakes that are huge and fluffy, avocado toast with a furikake hollandaise, or you can try Tangaroa Toast. It is loaded with bananas and whipped cream with toasted coconut. It is a great way to fuel your body for fun ahead.

It’s Time To Eat!

When it comes to the best Disneyland breakfast spots, the options we have given you are tasty. They all provide a great atmosphere and a chance to experience some of the best food possible without spending half of your budget. Have fun meeting your favorite characters and trying all of the savory and delectable options before returning to the rides. Just make sure that you’re not going on the teacups after you eat a full meal!

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