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Boo! Try These 5 Spooky Halloween Postcards Ideas!

Halloween Postcards

This Halloween might still be a little different than those from the days of yesteryear. For those who are looking to connect with those who live far away without restoring to Zoom, which is by now a tired cliché, sending a postcard might be an original way to let someone else know you’ve been thinking of them.

As many of us are still responding to pandemic conditions across the globe, sending your love without connecting in person might still be the best option for you.

In many cases, Halloween postcards are an awesome way to show appreciation and gratitude for a family member, a close friend, or even a business associate. Read here, we go over some spooky Halloween postcard ideas to get your inspiration going.

Vintage Halloween Postcards

If you happen to stumble upon some old Halloween postcards, it might make sense to pick them up, especially if you can get them in bundles. You’ll have a blast sending out holiday postcards to your friends and family, as long as you’re ready to pay for some postage.

Older Halloween postcards have that vintage look and feel that has a timeless aesthetic to these days and might be a great choice that will convey your amazing taste.

Classic Monster Postcards

We all know those classic monsters, names like Frankenstein, Wolfman, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon likely ring a bell, even for those who are only aware of these horrific creatures due to endless Hollywood remakes.

Pick and choose which monster represents which friends and send them out accordingly to add a little variety and a serious spook factor to anyone’s Halloween.

Pumpkin Halloween Postcards

Many postcards out there bearing a Halloween aesthetic will have pumpkins printed on them, either singular or in patterns. You might also find postcards with a family carving up a pumpkin with a spooky expression, which you can send to relatives more advanced in age to give them a bit of a Hallmark Halloween feel.

Ghost Halloween Postcards

No Halloween would be complete without a ghost of some sort. Whether you opt for a Casper the Friendly Ghost postcard or a postcard with a live-action shot of a child with a sheet complete with eye and mouth holes, it’s up to you.

Whatever you send, just make sure it doesn’t get too spooky, especially if you’ll be sending Halloween postcards out to grandparents.

Scary Movie Postcards

Scary movie Halloween postcards are the perfect choice for that cinephile in your life. You can choose from more contemporary classics like The Conjuring or you can go with a more antiquated option, like The Shining, or The Exorcist.

Just make sure that whoever you send these to has an appreciation for film, or else the joke might be lost on them.

After you collect Halloween postcards, you might even decide to keep some for yourself and start building a collection. What you decide to do with your Halloween postcard stockpile is up to you.

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