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Biometric Recognition – Providing Smart Solutions to Industries

Biometric Recognition – Providing Smart Solutions to Industries

Online biometric recognition is providing ideal ways to deal with fraudulent attempts. However, criminals are also using sophisticated methods like audio deepfake, voice changer, and 2D/3D masks to camouflage identities. They dodge the verification process easily by using these methods and illegitimately onboard platforms. This way they not bring reputational damages but also leave the whole industry questionable.

These threats further result in customer drop-off and hefty non-compliance penalties. Fortunately, the AI-powered biometric screening solutions are providing additional layers of accuracy to the customer verification process. The rising number of identity thefts is increasing the demand of industries for biometric solutions. The blog provides insight into the industries that are using biometric checks for customer verification. 

Global Use Cases of Biometric User Authentication 

Biometric User Authentication verifies customers by analyzing their facial features, voice, signatures, iris/retina, DNA, and fingerprints. All these traits are impossible to replicate. Biometric checks are taking over the identity verification systems due to their accuracy and reliability. Criminals can forge customers and use fake information to dodge the verification process but can not replicate DNA or eye structure. 

Shufti Pro Funding indicates that AI-driven biometric solutions are a must-have for every industry operating in the digital world. Below are the major realms where biometric-based verification can be seen taking over: 

Digital Banking

The banking sector is facing an increase in criminal threats ever since it shifted the processes online. Digital banking brings convenience to customers and also exposes them to various risks like cybercrimes. This is leading to a lack of trust from the customers’ side ultimately resulting in the drop-off. This is why banks should ensure that the end-user is present behind the screen. As per Shufti Pro News, criminals can easily dodge the verification process by using fake documents. 

However, with accurate biometric ID checks in place, banks can identify these imposters in real-time. The digital solutions also provide continuous monitoring and behaviour detection which help banks identify suspiciousness. Furthermore, banks can better manage deposits, withdrawals, and transactions while staying compliant with the regulations. Furthermore, fingerprint recognition simplifies log-ins and digital banking. 

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Passengers Identification at Airports 

Where other industries are bringing innovations to their operations, the travel sector is also following by introducing biometric passports. These have incorporated fingerprints that the system analyzes at the time of onboarding. This way passengers can skip long queues and travel safely. 

Facial verification is another advancement in the travel industry as it remotely verifies passengers. For further streamlining the travelling experience, airports have verification kiosks that scan facial features and retinas for faster boarding. 

Online Shopping and Secure Payments  

Similarly, e-commerce and other online retail platforms are replacing traditional payment methods with biometric screening. Where previously customers would have to wait for a PIN or OTP, now they can simply scan their fingerprint and complete the purchase. Biometric technology is providing a seamless experience to customers opting for online shopping by ensuring accuracy and data privacy. 

Check-ins in Hotels

Hotels were using keys previously to open doors, however, biometric security systems are changing these traditional ways. They are eliminating the need for customers to carry magnetic keys, chips, or other things to check in. They can simply scan their fingerprint or facial features to unlock the doors.  

Digital Attendance and Enrollment 

Digital attendance systems are another prominent use case of biometric technology. It is replacing making entries in registers with scanning fingerprints. This helps the companies to keep a record of their employees’ attendance. 

Patient Verification for Pharmacies 

Criminals have not left pharmacies to carry out their malicious activities. Moreover, minors are also using fake credentials to purchase drugs that are age-restricted. Therefore, pharmacies need biometric identity verification to ensure they are selling drugs to the right patients. 

Similarly, hospitals, pharmacies, and other such medicare centres are also becoming a prime targets for criminals. They commit medical identity theft, prescription fraud, and insurance scams. This helps them avail illegitimate benefits by using information and payment details of legit patients. Therefore, to protect the patient’s data, the healthcare sector is employing biometric technology that helps identity imposters in real-time. 

In a Nutshell

Biometric screening is providing ideal solutions to combat criminal threats like identity theft, data breaches, and other similar risks. With its features like voice recognition, facial verification, iris scan, and fingerprint identification, industries are streamlining the customers’ onboarding process. Biometric recognition technology is proceeding with accuracy while minimizing the hassle customers face with identity verification. Where criminals are using advanced methods to trick the verification processes, biometric checks are placing barriers in their way. Therefore, global industries can uplift the customer experience, provide data security, comply with regulations, and attain a huge user base.

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