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Biography And Interesting Facts Of Ross Geller David Schwimmer

Biography and interesting facts of Ross Geller (David Schwimmer)

Ross Geller was one of the main characters of Friends (1994-2004). He was played by David Schwimmer. He is best known for his nerdy personality and a very awkward sense of humor.

In this biography, we shall take a look at a few interesting facts about his character.


Ross is Monica’s older brother and her parents’ favorite child. This is because it was believed that Jack and Judy Geller were infertile and the appearance of Ross was a real miracle for them. Ross and Monica had a lot of conflict as children, but as adults, they became very close. Nevertheless, children’s conflicts periodically make themselves felt.



In college, Ross met his future friend Chandler and his future wife Carol Wilick. They formed a musical group. Ross trained as a paleontologist and earned a PhD (equivalent to a PhD) and landed a job at the New York Museum of Natural History. According to Ross, he gave up his basketball career to become a paleontologist.

Ross was later fired from the museum due to a nerve problem and took a job as a lecturer at a university. Ross is very proud of his degree and is always happy to talk about his work, which greatly bores his friends.

Success story

He made his big screen debut in 1990, landing a small role in The Flight of the Intruder, a war film by John Milius. But he was first present on television, joining the cast of several series. On September 22, 1994, his first episode of Friends was broadcast, David Schwimmer made television history: the series enjoyed worldwide success and its actors became stars. For ten years, Schwimmer played Dr. Ross Geller. His sentimental setbacks with Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and his humor delight viewers of the sitcom. 

During the 1990s, the growing notoriety of the series allowed him to access larger roles in the cinema. In 1996, he starred opposite Gwyneth Paltrow in The Coffin Bearer, a romantic comedy directed by Matt Reeves. The following year, he toured under the direction of Bryan Singer, then joined Harrison Ford and Anne Heche in Six Days Seven Nights. He then changed register with 1943 The Ultimate Revolt, a film in which he played Yitzhak Zuckerman, a Jewish resistance fighter from the Warsaw ghetto. He also took the time to get involved in the mini-series Brothers in Arms, produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

The end of Friends in 2004 allowed him to devote himself fully to directing. After filming ten episodes of the sitcom, and two of the series Joey, Schwimmer is moving towards more personal projects.

In 2006, he made his first film, a romantic comedy called Run Still Dennis with Simon Pegg and Thandie Newton. In 2010, he produced and directed his second feature film, Trust. In this sensitive story, the couple formed by Clive Owen and Catherine Keenertries to help their daughter, who has fallen prey to an online sexual predator.

Interesting Facts about Ross Geller

  • Ross, like his father Jack Geller, is Jewish. However, he married his second wife in the Anglican Church.
  • Ross is allergic to crab meat, peanuts, and kiwi.
  • Ross claims that he does not like ice cream, citing that it is too cold.
  • Celebrities Ross would like to sleep with: Uma Thurman, Winona Ryder, Elizabeth Hurley, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Dorothy Hamill.
  • Some of his traits are: boring, self-absorbed, cowardly, unreliable, passive, and putting too much gel on his hair.
  • Ross suffers from arachnophobia, as well as trypanophobia.
  • Ross claims to have given up his basketball career to become a paleontologist.
  • Ross is convinced of his talents when it comes to playing the synthesizer, but most of his friends do not share this belief.

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