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Best Window Styles for Country Homes

Best Window Styles for Country Homes

Picking windows is as hard as choosing a suitable fingernail polish color that perfectly blends with your nails and skin tone. Windows determine the entire look of your house, both interior, and exterior. Keep in mind; this is a home you will be living in for years, so choose wisely, grasshopper.

Windows help to map out the face and style of your house. Window styles are vital to determining if your home meets your desired specifications. If you want more natural light, consider larger windows. Here are some of the best window styles to consider for your home.

Before choosing a window, consider functionality, shape, size, and how it compliments your home. We will cover the most popular window options for country living, for more detailed examples including detailed imagery, visit Ultimate Windows in Melbourne for detailed information on window repair and replacement. Window repair auckland restored clarity and functionality to damaged or broken windows.

Cape Cod Style

This style generally involves two windows placed on each side of the door and a dormer window centered above, giving a symmetrical appearance. The fireplace chimney is usually placed in the center of the roof.

Tudor Style

This style goes hand in hand with a complimentary brick and stone section, which is ideal for country homes. Long-narrow-shaped casement windows characterize this window style. They complement the architectural design of the home while enhancing the height of the house.

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Colonial Style

Homes with this style are generally two and a half stories tall. Colonial homes are mostly made of multiple chimneys and red bricks. The window style involves two windows on each side of the door, one window above the door, and three windows on the second level. Single-hung or double-hung windows are recommended for better ventilation.

Victorian and Queen Anne Style

Bay and bow windows are recommended to enable the division of the view to different planes and bring in lighter. It is characterized by double-hung windows and on top arch windows that help to create the height.

Sliding doors for the patio are recommended.

With country homes, the above examples of houses are great examples. Country houses are more like farmhouses, but in this modern age, styles have evolved. To choose the best windows, put into consideration the following factors.

Choose the style you want and love. You will also want to consider operational options like do the windows slide or swing. Country houses tend to lean more on the rustic and traditional styles. Consider the shape and size of the windows. They could be single or double-hung windows or arch-shaped windows. This will help you during the architectural decision-making process.


Best window styles for country homes entirely depend on the architectural design you go for. Every window type you choose plays a role to compliment the design. Some windows increase height, and others improve ventilation or increase more natural light to pass through the home.

The type of windows you choose should be able to meet all your architectural needs. Make a checklist if you must to help decide. Shape, size, function, and if the windows serve their purpose. Extensive research is a great way to help you decide on window style options when building your home. Keep in mind this is a home you intend to spend the rest of your days in. Quality of style is key.

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