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Best Mountain Towns To Visit In The USA

Mountain Town USA

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious getaway or an adventurous journey, American vacationers don’t need to leave the country. There are several destinations you can visit to extinguish your eagerness for out-of-town escapades. Suppose you’re looking for adrenaline-induced explorations or laid-back comfortable-looking excursions. In that case, several tourist destinations in the country will welcome you. From West Virginia to North Carolina, you can find various mountain towns worth visiting once in your lifetime. Though, you mustn’t forget to check with the C“DC before making plans. Ensure that your target location isn’t affected by the coronavirus outbreak right now. So, here are some best-known mountain towns in the USA:

8 American Mountain Towns For Tourists

1. Telluride, Colorado:

This Colorado mountain town is arguably one of the most picturesque destinations in the USA. This location owes its popularity due to attractions such as the Historical Museum, Bridal Veil Falls, and the Bluegrass Festival. Surrounded by the San Juan Mountains, you can enjoy the singular opportunity of playing golf at a 9,000-feet elevation. Moreover, this town holds the distinction of owning an award-winning brewery as well as a distillery. You can find several extreme sports here in this prototypical mountain settlement, e.g., biking, hiking, fishing, rafting, and cross-country skiing. A cabin for a night in Telluride may cost you from $200 to $300, but it sure is worth the expenses.

2. Gatlinburg, Tennessee:

The fabulous entryway to Great Smoky Mountains National Park is located in eastern Tennessee, attracting over one million visitors annually. Gatlinburg, as an adventure playground for American vacationers, offers a variety of exciting activities such as this Rocky Top mountain coaster. You can find many diversions – from hiking and skiing to snowshoeing and whitewater rafting – in this small mountain town. Now, you can also hire Gatlinburg cabins with indoor pool facilities and other amenities expected by your average tourist. Though it can be busy during peak seasons, you can rent cabins that cost $115 to over $200—this 4,000-people town has several attractions for curious and eager visitors.

3. Lake Placid, New York:

What could be more exciting than visiting a comfortable town near Lakes Placid and Mirror? Being twice the host of the Winter Olympics (1932 & 1980), this 2,000-people village has been declared one of the forgotten tourist destinations in the United States. Although the film Lake Placid (1999) probably had nothing to do with this beautiful location. There are several attractions in the town of Lake Placid, including a rare opportunity to see the majesty of the Mountains Whiteface and McKenzie. From pond hockey competitions to ice dance tournaments, you’ll catch many exciting events throughout the year at Lake Placid. Lodges may cost $142 to over $400, you shall know.

4. Sun Valley, Idaho:

In North America, the gorgeous Sun Valley is distinguished as the hometown of resort skiing (chair lifts installed in 1936). This pedestrian-friendly mountain town has become a much sought-after tourist destination recently. You can spend one night with five guests at the Snow Creek Condo for around $163! With ice-skating and sleigh-riding, there are several winter activities for an American traveler in this awe-inspiring village. Sun Valley presents an ideal escapade for summer vacations. It offers horseback riding and fly-fishing in scenic rivers. No wonder Ernest Hemingway was in love with this Tyrolean-style place that’s been inviting visitors since the ’30s!

5. Jackson, Wyoming:-

Jackson invites visitors with its rustic Wyoming beauty, natural charms, high-end hotels, and two – not one – national parks. You can rent a place for one night at the Hotel Jackson for $599 or get yourself comfortable inside Amangani for $800. This mountain-surrounded valley is your gateway to enter the Wild West in a matter of minutes. As mentioned above, you can find Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, a short drive away from Jackson. Also, Jackson Hole – the famed mountain resort – lies 20 miles away from the town of Jackson. Viewing granite peaks of Wyoming, you can stroll beneath the elk antler arch in the town and get your picture there.

6. Asheville, North Carolina:

Located at the confluence of the river Swannanoa, Asheville finds itself surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. We can find coffee shops, local museums, and microbreweries throughout the city. Many travelers come to Asheville to see the splendor of the Biltmore Estate, a summer getaway built by the Vanderbilt family in the nineteenth century. With some 250 rooms, it’s the largest privately-owned house in the USA. Moreover, you can walk on the hundreds of hiking trails in this beautiful area. Outdoor enthusiasts can also embark on quests to explore hidden waterfalls and uncharted cliffs in this location. From burgers to sushi – this town will fulfill your cravings.

7. Park City, Utah:

In 2008, the Forbes Traveler Magazine called Park City one of the “prettiest towns” in the USA. With a population that exceeds 7,000, this mountain destination isn’t unknown among Americans. You might’ve heard of the Sundance Film Festival that’s organized annually in this Mormon-settled town. This city offers a liberal sanctuary in the otherwise conservative region of Utah. It would be best to visit Park City between May and August since its temperature will be many degrees cooler than the neighboring Sa Lake City. Other attractions include zipline expeditions and alpine roller-coasters for first-time visitors. Don’t forget to visit the Kimball Arts Festival if you have the right taste for fine arts.

8. Eureka Springs:

Sitting in the middle of the Ozark Mountains, Eureka Springs helps reduce a traveler’s stress with its natural environment. But several trips to the local bathhouse aren’t the only attractions here; there are many museums and boutiques to observe as well. And renting a cabin/cottage only costs a little over $100 in this Arkansas town. With a population that barely exceeds 2,000, this settlement was rightful “The Magic City” in the past. You can view many well-preserved Victorian buildings in this mountain town that have no traffic lights, though. The entire downtown – interestingly enough – is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Don’t forget to see the Christ of the Ozarks!


Americans have always been fascinated by mountain towns to venture for one well-earned escapade from the bustling urban lifestyle. From real-world towns such as Aspen to imaginary locations such as South Park, there isn’t any shortage of mountain retreats in the United States. The pandemic forced many Americans to reevaluate their residential arrangements as per the report by the New York Times that the number of citizens moving outside was around 50%. Alternatively, mountain towns have observed a sharp increase in rentals and purchases. These mountainous destinations offer sanctuaries to the newcomers who wish security, privacy, and comfort, thereby making them second homeowners.

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