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Best 5 Star Hotels in Rizal

5 Star Hotels in Rizal

Rizal is a province in the Philippines. It is located in the Calabarzon region in Luzon. Its capital city is Antipolo, located 16 kilometers from the East of Manila. The city is well known as a pilgrimage site with a lot of historical significance dating back to the colonial (Spanish) era. Rizal province has a lot to offer for anyone who wishes to tour the city. Starting from the ease of access from Manilla, it is also a destination with natural beauty and holds a lot of history. The city hosts many 5-star hotels to offer accommodation for any tourist to choose the best that suits his or her preference.

Thunderbird Resorts

It is a unique hotel decorated with modern interiors and a conducive outdoor environment. The rooms are spacious, well decorated, and fitted with an air-conditioner and windows that bring in natural light, which is necessary for healthy living. Each room has a unit equipped with a television for news updates, sitting areas, and a private bathroom. It offers a recreational facility such as a swimming pool, gym and free internet connection. The hotel serves a variety of popular dishes and a 24-hour customer service.

Timberland Highlands Resort

The hotel is located in San Mateo, a strategic place within a manageable distance from Manila city. The hotel has a living room fitted with a Television and balcony to sun busk. The facility offers free service for their guests, such as Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, and ample parking. Sports activities are also available in the facility, such as tennis, biking, and billiards playing. It offers various modes of payment to cater to any visitor all over the world. Besides, the prices are affordable. Reservation services are available at any time.

Villa Jhoana Resort

The guest room in the resort is well air-regulated and fitted with designer-advised furniture. The living condition is homely and comfortably made with complimentary toiletries, slippers, and towels. The customer service is friendly and can offer extra service on arrangements such as currency exchange, laundry, and touring. Besides, massage, car hire, and shuttle services are also availed at an additional cost. The hotel is located at Ninoy International Airport. Room reservation is available all through for all living rooms.

Edsa Shangri-La

It is a luxurious hotel that provides comfortably appointed guest rooms and suites. It has excellent amenities from friendly employees who are fully qualified to handle any guest regardless of the status. The prices are averaged to cater to all guests since they are affordable. Customer services are always available whenever needed.

Edsa Shangri-La
Edsa Shangri-La

Date & Dine Resort

The resort has unique services that give your money value if you tour the facility. It has outdoor features such as a swimming pool, gym, Wi-Fi connection, and parking. The guest can also request a private and quiet reading area. Other services such as shuttle tours can be organized by the front desk staff, which is available to serve any customer. The living room is spacious, fitted with an air-conditioner, flat-screen television, wardrobe, and shower facilities. Also, toiletries are always available. The resort serves a variety of dishes to cater to all the customers’ tastes and preferences. The resort is beautiful with a quiet and relaxing environment which is offered at an affordable rate.

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