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Top 10 Ayurvedic Third-Party Manufacturing Companies In Gujarat

Ayurvedic Third-Party Manufacturing

Ayurveda has taken the world by storm. In today’s stressful world, Ayurveda medicines act as an organic solution to multiple diseases, ailments, and health problems in the world. The ancient Indian medicinal system has the power to bring incredible transformation in everyone’s life through natural medicines, herbs, and techniques. This is why the demand for Ayurvedic medicines has been increasing with every passing day.

From the business perspective as well Ayurveda is quite rewarding and productive. The Ayurvedic industry is growing at a rapid pace. As per the prudent reports, the turnover of the industry is now close to around 10,000 crore, including domestic and international exports. Therefore, a good number of Ayurvedic licenses have been obtained in the last five years. And Gujarat has become one of the main hubs of Ayurvedic third-party manufacturing companies. These companies help aspiring Ayurveda businesses and retailers start their brands and start selling Ayurvedic medicines on their brand’s name. So, if you are curious to know Ayurvedic third-party manufacturing companies in Gujarat to start your brand, then we have brought a list of the top 10 Ayurvedic third-party manufacturers in Gujarat.

Since it’s our prime minister Narendra Modi’s state, it has the first Ayurveda University under which 3 new Ayurveda colleges have already started in the prominent cities that will further accelerate the growth of Ayurvedic companies in Gujarat and all over India.

List of Top Ayurvedic Third-Party Manufacturing Company In Gujarat

1. Asli Ayurveda

Asli Ayurveda is the top most popular third-party Ayurvedic third party manufacturing company in Gujarat. The brand is owned by a visionary and Ayurveda and Yoga practitioner Mohit Sardana. The company is known for it’s versatile range of Ayurvedic and herbal products and third-party manufacturing in Gujarat. It offers a complete range of private labeling services for a wide range of medicinal, cosmetics, and nutraceutical products.

Being highly ethical and committed towards all of it’s practices, the company leaves no stone unturned to offer the best and organic products to common people that they can use without any second thoughts. The best part is that their manufacturing plant is also Ayush, WHO-GMP, and ISO approved.

Highlighted Services Offered by Asli Ayurveda

•         Contract Manufacturing

•         Private-label cosmetics

•         Ayurvedic medicine products manufacturing

•         Ayurvedic third-party manufacturing

•         Private-label Ayurvedic products manufacturing

Prominent Raw Materials Used in Most Products

•         Extracts

•         Milk

•         Bhasma

•         Herbs

•         Pishti

•         Pulverized herb

The best part is that the company involves the classical Ayurvedic formulations that are all made from organically occurring base materials under the strict supervision of expert Baidyas and Acharyas.  Most of these formulations are listed in the traditional Ayurvedic literature. Hence, Asli Ayurveda, truly justifies it’s name by offering Asli Ayurvedic products. And with the help of round-the-clock customer service and a post-sales team one doesn’t need to worry about after-sales service. One can also get into a one-on-one session with a special feature called ‘book a consultation’ to make it easier for customers and businesses to understand the products and concepts.

2.  Nisarg Pharma

It is yet another one of the prominent Ayurvedic third-party manufacturers in Gujarat that has been offering Ayurvedic as well as herbal medicines for the last decade. The brand is known for it’s top quality and a wide range of products covering various diseases and therapy areas such as Proctology, gastrointestinal, Herbal Supplements, Diabetes, Dermatology, Urology, and many more. The brand has various departments to offer round-the-clock assistance to businesses and customers.  It has a world-class manufacturing facility in Gujarat meeting all the challenges and requirements in the healthcare industry. Some of it’s prominent products are Diosn Syrup, Neubal hair oil, Calyrich MV capsule, Infinity Forte Soft Gelatine capsule, and many more. It is located in Laxmi Market, Siddhraj Road, Gujarat.

3.  Atrey Pharmaceuticals Private Limited

It is also one of the prominent third-party Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in Gujarat operating since 2006. The brand is known for manufacturing and marketing Ayurvedic as well as herbal products across various markets, including Indian and international. It is a sister company of one of the famous Ayurveda brands Shantilal Ambalal in Gujarat and all across India. The brand has it’s manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad which is laced with high-end machinery and equipment to offer the best Ayurvedic medicines all across India. The manufacturing facility is approved and regulated by ISO,  GMP and D&B to give the best products to the clients, businesses, and customers. Some of it’s popular products are Kamdudha tablet, Hingastak tablet, Agnitundi tablet, Ajmodadi tablet, and many more. It’s located in Taluka Daskroi, Ahmedabad.

4. Girnar Ayurvedic Pharmacy Pvt Ltd

Girnar Ayurvedic Pharmacy also offers third party manufacturing of herbal products in Gujarat. The company has been offering a versatile range of Ayurvedic and herbal medicines since 1996. It has been following all the essential manufacturing policies, business ethics, and customer-centric protocols to deliver the best quality products. The brand has a team of strict quality checkers to check all the production and manufacturing procedures to deliver the products as per the laid norms. With effective pricing and high quality, it is also one of the leading Ayurvedic manufacturers in Gujarat. Some of it’s famous products are Girnar Rose soap, Keshika hair shampoo, Lauki hair oil, Almond body lotion, etc. It’s located in Rajkot, Gujarat.

5.  Gayatri AyuPharma Pvt Ltd

It is also one of the leading and reputed Ayurvedic third-party manufacturers in Gujarat. It has been offering a wide array of Ayurvedic and herbal products since 1997. The third-party Ayurvedic manufacturer has been offering products that are recommended by various Ayurvedic practitioners and doctors. It offers white labelling services and all products go through strict quality checks. It’s ISO & GMP certified manufacturer that offers various products, including, Livok syrup, Gesant syrup, Allergic Bronchitis Kufda syrup, and many more. The company is located in Nikol, Ahmedabad.

6.   Biocare Remedies

It is also one of the prominent Ayurvedic manufacturers in Gujarat that has been in the field of herbal products third-party manufacturing in Gujarat. The company offers white labeling services and maintains the highest level of manufacturing and procurement processes to leave no stone unturned to offer the highest level of quality to businesses, buyers, and customers. Some of its prominent products are Abha Gugal tablets, Adrak Sharbat tablets, Balchatur Bhadra Churna, etc. It’s located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

7.  Ayursun Pharma

Ayursun Pharma is also one of the leading and well-renowned Ayurvedic manufacturers in Gujarat. The brand has been manufacturing, exporting, and supplying Ayurvedic medicines since 1993. The medicines are manufactured for not only humans but also animals. The brand has a good number of patents for poultry, Shashtrokta, veterinary and pet formulations from various minerals and herbs. The products have received a lot of admiration from doctors and experts in the industry for unmatched quality, results, and purity. The brand offers white labeling of their products such as Ayurvedic Paxid tablet, Dicar tablet, Epilac tablet, and Antress tablet. The company is located in Surat, Gujarat.

8.  Navayur Herbals

If you are searching for a company involved in the third-party manufacturing of herbal products in Gujarat then you can get in touch with Navayur Herbals which is also a GMP & WHO certified. The company offers a versatile range of Ayurvedic products and medicines manufacturing along with white labeling services. It covers all the major locations in India and also exports worldwide. It’s manufacturing unit is equipped with high-speed technology-driven machines and all the processes are checked carefully by a team of quality checkers.

9.  Nutica Herbocare

If you are looking for an Ayurvedic third-party manufacturing company in Gujarat then it is also one of the best picks. The company offers a versatile range of Ayurvedic and herbal products and medicines that are of high quality and go through multiple quality checks. All the products are GMP and WHO certified. Not only this, the brand also offers white labeling services through it’s huge manufacturing units based all across India.

10.  Zoic Pharmaceuticals

It is also one of the most prominent Ayurvedic third-party manufacturers in Gujarat that offers a versatile range of Ayurvedic products as well as medicines. The Indian herbal manufacturer leaves no stone unturned to offer the best range of herbal medicines and Ayurvedic products to aspiring Ayurvedic startups to start their own business and products. The GMP-certified brand has it’s manufacturing unit to offer white labeling services and help others to create their Ayurvedic brand without getting into their manufacturing unit.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, Ayurvedic medicines, therapies, and products have revolutionized the world lately. Everyone wants to adopt an organic and Ayurvedic approach to combat fatal diseases and bring organic change in their lives. But, when it comes to the Ayurvedic industry, it is also growing at a very fast pace. Many new Ayurvedic companies have come up in the last couple of years. So, if you are also planning to start your own company, then get in touch with these top third-party Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in Gujarat and start your Ayurvedic brand anywhere in India. However, we recommend Asli Ayurveda for it’s incredible products, services, and manufacturing unit.

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