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Why Should You Take The Assistance of Property Solicitors Before Buying a Property in York?

Buying a Property in York

There are hundreds of property transactions going through every day in the UK. However, not every seller or buyer will seek the help of qualified conveyancing solicitors in York.

The majority of those using a solicitor don’t even understand the need to have one when buying property in the UK. The process of buying property in the UK is long and risky. It is important to understand the property law and follow due diligence.

If you are buying property, these are some of the reasons why you should seek help from a solicitor:

Reason #1 – Meet all the legal requirements

The only reason you should take the assistance of a property solicitor when buying property in the UK is that you want to ensure you meet all the legal requirements set by the government. 

A property solicitor takes you through the process of buying a property and ensures that no stone is left unturned.  They help you navigate through the whole process of buying a house.

Reason #2 – Conduct all the searches

When buying property in the UK, some searches must be conducted before you can transact. Some of these searches include Local Search, Water Authority Search, Environmental Search, and Local Authority Search.

These searches are most likely to reveal important facts that may change your stand when buying the property. 

Issues such as rights that some people may have over the land you are buying or government plans that might affect the property in future are important to consider first.  

If the property you are buying is close to noisy neighbours, you might reconsider your decision to buy.

Reason #3 – Secure mortgage

You will also need a conveyancing solicitor to secure a mortgage. Your local property solicitor is well conversant with the local mortgage lenders and will help you get the most reliable offers in the market.  If you are trying to secure a mortgage from a lender, having a property solicitor by your side is essential.

In most cases, mortgage lenders prefer to deal with professionals when handling client issues. It means you should consider hiring a solicitor who is listed with the lender for convenience. 

The property solicitor will go through the paperwork associated with securing the loan and fill it accordingly. They interpret the terms and conditions of the loan to ensure that everything is favourable for you before you sign the contract.

Reason #4 – Contact the property seller

The first thing that a property solicitor will help you do is contacting the sellers’ conveyancer. The solicitor will request a draft contract or deed of the property and all the protocol documents. 

Some of the papers your property lawyer will ask from the seller’s lawyer include the Fittings and Contents Form, Leasehold Information Form, and the Seller’s Property Form

Your property solicitor will go through all these forms and ensure that everything is in order.  If any issues arise in the documents, your property lawyer will raise them with the seller’s conveyancer.

Inspecting the documents is the most critical part of buying property in the UK. If you are not a trained solicitor, you are most likely to miss the most important aspects that will cost you a lot. The seller can take advantage of this if your solicitor is not keen enough in counter checking the property documents tabled.

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Reason #5 – Exchange of contracts

When the lawyer has raised and resolved all the legal issues when buying the property, the next process is to draft the contracts and initiate the exchange. The property sale is considered legally binding once the contracts are exchanged.

Reason #6 – Confirming the date of completion

Once you have met all the requirements and all documents are checked, your property solicitor will agree on the date of completion.  Your property solicitor should liaise with the seller’s conveyancer to confirm the date of completion.

The completion date is the exact date when the money for purchasing the property is transferred. The Stamp Duty and the mortgage fee are also paid on this date.

Final Thoughts

When buying property in the UK, there are some specific tasks that only a solicitor can help handle, such as the transfer of ownership.  A property solicitor will ensure that all due diligence is carried out when buying a property.

The work of a solicitor includes troubleshooting all the issues which may arise when you are buying property.  They will also send and approve the contract from the seller.

Ensure you get an experienced solicitor who has been through the process of buying and selling property in your locality. If you are having issues finding a property solicitor in your city, you can ask your estate agent or mortgage lender for a referral.

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