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Asian American Reveals How They Are Discriminated Against In Their Workplace

Asian American Reveals How They Are Discriminated Against In Their Workplace

According to a deep Asian study, many Asian Americans reveal that they face a unique kind of oppression in the tech industry and this has been confirmed by different workers to Protocol.

Their recent study has shocked many and has confirmed that many Asian Americans are discriminated against mostly in tech industries.

Many workers from different workplaces shared their insights with Protocol in recent days when the #stopasianhate movement swelled. 

They shared their struggles and things they encountered while working in an American-dominated office.

The massive shooting last month in Atlanta has spread shockwaves to the entire country. In the bay Area, there have been some hate crimes targeting Asian Americans. 

These violent attacks have caused rallies and many companies like Microsoft, Airbnb, and amazon have been taking a stand for this.

According to some sources, this Asian hate and violence didn’t get started with the Atlanta shooting. There has been a rise in such crimes since 2020. 

No one knows the real reason behind this hate but it is for sure that the anger and hate are deeply rooted.

This matter should be addressed and precautions should be taken in order to preserve the dignity of Asian people.

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