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Are Ulips Your Cup Of Tea? Find Out Now!


A ULIP is a single plan that provides you with both savings and protection. ULIP, or Unit Linked Insurance Plan, offers life insurance and investment. It offers significant profits on life insurance while also assisting in tax savings.

ULIPs have become one of the most popular investment alternatives in the present market. Before you decide to invest in a ULIP plan, you need to understand how they function and why individuals choose to do so.

What is ULIP Meaning?

A Unit Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) combines insurance with investing. The ULIP meaning is to offer wealth growth and life insurance, with the insurance company allocating a percentage of your investment to life insurance.

The remainder is invested in a fund that is based on equity, debt, or both and aligns with your long-term objectives. These objectives might include retirement preparation, children’s education, or any other significant event for which you desire to save.

How does ULIP work?

After knowing the ULIP meaning, when you invest in a ULIP, the insurance company invests a portion of the premium in shares/bonds, etc. The remainder is used to provide insurance coverage. Because fund managers in insurance firms handle the assets, the investor is relieved of the burden of following the investments.

ULIPS enable you to move your portfolio between debt and equity depending on your risk tolerance and market performance information. Benefits like these, which provide investors with the freedom to swap, play a significant role in the popularity of these financial products.

Some Awesome Features and Benefits of ULIP Plans

The top ULIP provides various benefits to the ordinary investor. With young investors becoming more aware of these advantages, ULIPs are swiftly becoming one of the most popular investment options. Here are some of the reasons why more individuals are opting for the top ULIP given by financial organisations.

1. Dual Advantage of Investment and Insurance

ULIPs are the only investment choices that mix investing and insurance advantages. The plan’s insurance component provides you with life insurance protection. Maturity benefits are paid if you outlast the plan’s term.

If, on the other hand, you do not outlive the plan, your beneficiaries will get death benefits to assist them in dealing with any financial difficulties that arise as a result of your death. Furthermore, the finest ULIP permits your investment to increase over time, resulting in a sizable corpus that you may rely on later in life.

2. Flexibility of Investment

Another reason individuals prefer the finest ULIP is the versatility they provide. Most other investing alternatives put your money in the exact vehicle throughout your investment. However, with a ULIP, you may choose between debt, equity, or balanced funds based on your risk tolerance.

Right at the start of the investment period, you may pick the kind of units you wish to buy. Following that, you may shift your money to different low-risk or high-risk funds as required, based on market fluctuations and variations in your risk exposure.

3. Tax Benefits

The greatest ULIP also provides tax advantages to investors. Because ULIPs are fundamentally investment products, the premium you pay to invest in these plans is deductible under Income Tax Act Section 80C. The premium paid during each fiscal year may be deducted from your total income, minimising your tax obligation.

Furthermore, the maturity or death benefits received from the ULIP plan are tax-free under Income Tax Act Section 10 (10D). With so many tax advantages, it’s no surprise that ULIPs are becoming more popular among clever investors.

4. Choose Investment Option

ULIPs are incredibly versatile and provide you with complete flexibility to pick how you want to invest your money.

Depending on your risk tolerance and preferences, you may invest in equity funds, debt funds, or a combination. The fund switching option in ULIPs also enables you to switch between two funds throughout the policy period.

5. Achieve Life Goals

You put in a lot of effort in your life to reach your and your family’s objectives. To achieve a life goal, sufficient investment is required.

ULIPs provide you with the ability to invest in the market. This allows you to accumulate substantial cash, which you may utilise for your child’s further education, marriage, or retirement. It also includes your life so that your family may attain their objectives even if you are not present.

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6. High Liquidity

Most investment alternatives provide relatively little liquidity since the money is only accessible at maturity.

ULIPs, on the other hand, allow for partial withdrawals. After the 5-year lock-in period, you may withdraw from your retirement corpus. This comes in handy when you need money quickly.

7. Flexibility of a portfolio switch

As previously said, ULIPS are often intended to let you swap your portfolio between debt and equity depending on your risk tolerance and knowledge of how the market is doing. On the other hand, insurance companies allow just a limited amount of free swaps.

8. Finance Long Term Goals

If you have long-term aspirations, such as purchasing a home, a new automobile, or marrying, a ULIP is an intelligent investment choice since the money is compounded. As a consequence, net returns are often higher. This is true even if you choose to quit after the 5-year lock-in period instead of not investing at all and keeping the money in a savings account or an FD.

Wrapping It Up

A ULIP plan enables you (the policyholder) to keep a close eye on your portfolio. Such people may also benefit from ULIP plansswitching flexibility, which allows them to change capital allocation across fund choices with varied risk-return profiles. Having a ULIP gives you more significant influence over your financial planning, including investing and insurance selections.
Once you understand what a ULIP meaning is, the following step is to choose the best insurance for you among the available possibilities. So, before you buy a ULIP plan, you should compare and evaluate your options to get the finest ULIP plan available in India.

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