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Are Solar Panels Worth Having In Tampa

Are solar panels worth having in Tampa

It is extremely a wise choice to use solar panels in Tampa. Solar panels are best compared to other electricity options. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. So it is great to invest in solar panels. You are probably using Tampa Electric Company (TECO) as your utility company. The combination of TECO’s net metering program and Florida’s high-power consumption makes solar a great investment. The main incentive for installing solar panels in Tampa is the 26-year tax credit. However, the tax credit is expected to drop to 22% by the end of 2020. So, to maximize your potential savings now is the best time to turn to solar in Tampa. Another key incentive for Tampa to move to solar is TECO’s net metering policy. Tampa residents can also apply for a PACE loan to pay for their solar panels. PACE loans allow homeowners to repay the loan through additional property tax payments. If you enter your address into our solar module calculator, you can see what other solar incentives are available in your area.


The government tax credit for solar energy equals 26% of the total cost of installing solar panels in your home. The amount of the tax credit will be deducted from your federal taxes. You can get the credit for several years if your tax debt is less than the amount of your tax credit. You can only get a federal tax credit if you pay federal income tax. The federal tax credit for solar will be reduced from 26% of the cost to just 22% by the end of 2022. In general, the higher your energy consumption, the greater your savings potential when installing a solar system. The average monthly electricity use in Florida is approximately 1,123 kWh per month. However, you will most likely use a lot more, as that average includes small apartments and condos. The Tampa Solar Panel Savings Calculator uses our local utility electricity rate database to convert your monthly electric bill into the amount of electricity your home uses.

Types and quality:

The price of solar panels can vary depending on the type of solar panel you choose. There are two main types of solar modules for private solar systems: monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Monocrystalline solar modules are usually more efficient and more expensive than other solar modules. Polycrystalline modules have lower efficiency and are available at a lower price. The type of inverter you buy also affects the cost of your solar system. You may see some solar energy deals priced that seem too good to be true. If offered at a ridiculously low price, the installer may be using poor equipment or an unsustainable pricing model. You want to use a solar installer that charges enough to keep you going because you can count on them for the next 25 years!


It is important to ensure that your installer offers you the best quality at the best possible price. Therefore, getting multiple solar energy deals is so important. Solar subsidies from federal, state, and local governments. Total costs of solar energy can be influenced by the solar subsidies available. In the United States, homeowners can apply for the state solar tax credit, also known as ITC. The solar tax credit makes installing solar panels more profitable by giving homeowners a tax credit equal to 26% of the cost of their installed solar panel system. Local solar tax incentives and discounts can save homeowners thousands of dollars on solar systems, especially when used with the state solar tax credit. From there, the calculator can calculate how many solar panels you will need to offset your electricity use, how much a solar system will cost based on the prices of local solar companies, and how much money you will save on your electricity bill. Installing solar panels in Tampa would also be a part of saving the environment since it is a renewable source of energy.

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