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Are Lightbars Worth It?

Car Lightbars

If you have spent any amount of time on the road, you have come across a truck with a huge LED lightbar. Unfortunately, it is a highly debated modification. Some states even ban them outright due to improper use. 

We are here to set the record straight today once and for all. Are lightbars worth it? Depending on who you ask, a warm “yes”, or stern “no” may be given. But just like these Fab Fours Matrix Bumpers, there is no denying they look badass.

And just like bumpers, lightbars come in all different shapes and sizes. The bigger they are, the more they will cost. But that added cost means increased visibility, especially in low light conditions. has a variety of lightbars from small 3” x 3” cube lights to 40” options that will stretch across the entire cab. 

Do I Need A LightBar?

But just why would you need light bars? Who not would be the better question! Headlights can only do so much. They are designed to light directly what is in front of you. When going off-road, especially at night, there won’t be any street lights or additional sources coming from buildings or houses. 

This is where auxiliary lights can be worth their weight in gold. It doesn’t matter if you want a little more light in the back of your bed or to turn literal darkness into day, lightbars are extremely important. 

Some manufacturers, like ICI Bumpers, have thought about it build their series to accommodate extra light sources. Even if you don’t use their lightbar locations off the bat, it is good to know that the option is there. 

LED Vs. Halogen

While back in the day halogen aux. lights were pretty much the only option, their sleeker and more efficient cousin, the LED, has become the norm nowadays. Finding a brand new halogen light setup can be near impossible. 

Why? For one, halogen light bulbs burned out extremely easily and most light setups had several auxiliary lights. Having to change the spent bulbs can quickly become a burden. Both on the financial and time-wise. 

Once LED’s were introduced and the price came down, the public couldn’t get enough of them. Yes, they may have been more expensive initially, but the extended lifespan quickly made them worth it in the long run. 

Are Lightbars Illegal?

The answer to this question can be a little difficult. Some states do not have certain regulations while others deem them illegal. In fact, certain cities, counties, and even entire states say that a light cover must be used while out on public roads. 

That’s right, simply leaving them turned off is just not going to cut it. We understand that using lightbars improperly can become blinding to oncoming traffic, but you shouldn’t have to go through the hassle of removing the light cover when entering a poorly lit piece of land where there is no one else around.

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