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Apex Legends Mobile Tips and Tricks to Dominate

Apex Legends Mobile Tips and Tricks to Dominate

If you are struggling with climbing the rank ladder in the popular game of Apex Legends, you have successfully landed at the perfect place. This article is meant to guide you regarding all the tips and tricks that will aid you in turning to a pro at apex legend. By the end of this particular article, you will have enough information regarding how to carry your friends and competitors the next time you play. Also, if you want to buy apex legends hacks for dominating the playfield, all you need to do is keep reading!

Dropping speed and location

Your dropoff is one of the essential aspects of the BR experience. So, it would help if you kept in mind to drop off in a location that is not crowded enough and not on the corners of the map. Additionally, try using the bobbing method because that would help increase your drop speed.

Try looking for enemies during dropping

You need to see if any enemies are going to the same dropoff as yours. If they are, you should spread away from them and try landing close to your team members. However, avoid landing in the same building as them because that will reduce your loot significantly.

Attempt for armor swap when necessary

You must swap your armor for a better one or the one with the same rarity if you have taken damage as a player. It is pretty hard to find battery capsules during the start, so swapping generally consumes less time.

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Try to save time while looting

While going through loot, you must remember to ping the loot because your teammate might need the same. During this, you successfully save them time, and you can quickly go on a move.

Select the suitable gun skin

Some gun skins prove to be a disadvantage because they turn out to be buggy sometimes. Some of them might even be too flashy, and that will distract you. This is why you should try and avoid using such skins in a competitive environment.

Try to kill all of them and not just one

While you engage in a fight, you should remember that it is a team game. So, when you knock off one enemy, there are high chances of his teammates being around. Thus, during you are thirsting for a guy, keep in mind that you are vulnerable too. Therefore, try and bait his teammate instead.

Use doors to your advantage

The door mechanics in the apex are enough to flip a tool. So, it would be best to keep in mind that while engaging, the door can be used as an advantage. You can break the doors by using grenades, melee attacks, or other utilities. Learning how to plaw around the doors will help you a lot during early game fights.

Keep in mind that Ring is coming

There are times when an engagement can turn out to be distracting enough, and the player fails to realize it while the Ring is almost on their head. In such cases, you can heal using medkits. Thus, keep in mind to keep syringes and medkits and try to speed loot and end fights quickly because that might help you to stay in the middle of the Ring.

Try to keep it reloaded

Try to reload both of your guns after every fight before looting the guys because that would allow you to store extra ammunition in your backpack.

Teamwork always wins the game

Even the best of apex players cannot succeed in taking a 1v3 head-on. Thus, if you want to become a pro at this video game, you should play as a team and try giving good coms and play legends that have good synergy with each other.


The pointers mentioned above highlight some of the most important things that one needs to keep in mind while playing apex legends and climbing the ranks. If you try and follow this guide, you will increase your level at least by two tiers in a matter of a month. Thus, keep on grinding and keep in mind to follow these tips for improving your competitive apex legend experience. These tips and tricks will certainly assist you in becoming the best in your team and carrying them the next time you launch from that battleship.

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