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Top 3 Spying Apps for Android Remote Monitoring

Spying Apps for Android

The Internet has provided exceptional services over the years allowing humans to do wonders and access unlimited data. However, mobile phones and the Internet negatively impact people, especially the younger generation, apart from the advantages. 

You must take instant actions to protect your children because it is your responsibility as a parent. You can get quality spy applications to remotely monitor kids’ online activities and ensure they’re safe when you’re not around. These are the top paid and free spy apps that you can get for your spying needs.

1. TheWiSpy

About TheWiSpy:

TheWiSpy is one of the top spy apps for Android monitoring leading in the market for its high-quality services, reliability, affordability, and unique features. The excellent and diverse monitoring services offered by TheWiSpy make it ahead of the competition. In addition, the highly advance remote features of TWS make it top-notch. 

You can monitor calls, messages, stored data and control the device remotely. TWS is best for remote tracking because of its hidden or stealth mode. Thus, you can keep a close eye on your target and still be miles away from them. 

Compatibility and pricing:

TheWiSpy is an extremely compatible spy app for Android devices. The TWS software is supported by entire Android providers such as Samsung, LG, etc. The minimum criteria for installing TWS software is that the phone’s operating system should be the most updated version. 

If that’s not the case, you must confirm it currently has a 4.0 version of the operating system. It is essential because the advanced features require a better environment to operate without distortion. The plus point about features is that you won’t have to root the device (for some features you may need to root the targeted device).  

TheWiSpy is an affordable cell phone tracker app that offers versatile services. You can get it as parental control, employee monitoring, or tracking your own devices. It offers three price subscriptions, such as standard, premium, and platinum plans. The features are provided differently depending on the plan you’ll subscribe to. 

TheWiSpyOne-month planThree-month planSix-month plan
Standard plan$19.99$29.99$49.99
Premium plan$29.99$49.99$79.99
Platinum plan$49.99$79.99$119.99

Remote features:

The best part about TheWiSpy is the remote features that offer unmatchable services. You can sit in your house and listen to live conversations happening miles away through this software.

  • Call log monitoring:

You can use this fundamental feature to spy on the call logs of your target. The tracker allows you to view details of the call logs. You will be able to see the name, number, address of the caller, call duration, timing, and consistency.

  • GPS location tracker:

The best feature for parental control is a GPS location tracker. You can record the daily movements of your kids and detect real-time location. Then, the app can locate the target in few minutes so that you can provide rescue instantly.

  • Geofencing:

It’s a chain of location tracking but one step ahead. You can set geographical restrictions and get alerts by the spy app. So, for example, you can mark unsecured sites and set alerts so that you get notified when your kid enters such space. 

  • Web browser control:

With TheWiSpy, you can control the target phone’s browser. Kids can get long-term impact based on what they browse online. You can get browsed history information, saved cookies and downloaded files through the browser. In addition, you can use the remote controls of TWS to block unethical websites. 

  • Message spy:

Spying on messages is one of the essential features of spy apps. You can gain an approach to all the conversations remotely. It shows the chat history, alerts to new messages, the time and date of the message, and contact details.

  • Social media spy:

Social media is a cruel place for the young generation, and that’s why parents are looking for top spy app for Android monitoring. TWS offers quality remote social media spy features to spy on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and more. In addition, you can monitor full online activity such as message monitoring, updates, etc.

  • Surround recording:

TheWiSpy has an impressive surround recording feature that allows the user to record the surrounding of the phone. TWS has made it possible for you to hear in the approximate radius of the mobile phone in real-time.

2. mSpy 

About mSpy:

mSpy is parental control spyware that is popular around the world for its quality services. It records the online activity of the target phone after installing it. Such as, it monitors call logs, messages, track location, etc. 

mSpy has a web-based portal where the user can transfer data from the mobile phone. The cell phone tracker app has everything you need to monitor your children. The intuitive interface makes it easier for parents to control their kids’ online life.

Compatibility and pricing:

In the mSpy case, we will look for Android and iOS compatibility with the software. It is prevalent for Android monitoring, and it supports all devices with an operating system 4.0 or new versions. Therefore, you can install mSpy without rooting while physically accessing the phone. On the other hand, you’ll require rooting if you need advanced features such as tracing IM, email tracking, etc., mSpy is compatible with all iOS devices.  

mSpy offers flexible price plans that users can choose according to their spying needs. There is a basic and premium plan option. The features vary with the pricing and vice versa. 

mSpyOne-month One-year
Basic plan$29.99$359.88
Premium plan$69.99$119.99

Remote features:

  • Call spy
  • GPS location
  • Email monitoring
  • Geo-fencing
  • Call blocking

3. FlexiSpy 

About FlexiSpy:

FlexiSpy is a leading spy app for Android worldwide by proving its worth by reliable, standard quality, and innovative features and services. In addition, the spy app offers exceptional features to parents so they can monitor kids soundly. 

You can perform basic spying with the help of FlexiSpy, and at the same time, you can use advanced features to be ahead in monitoring. For example, you can record calls, track GPS locations, etc., with single spyware. It is better than any free spy apps for Android in the world.  

Compatibility and pricing:

You must get a comprehensive check before getting an extensive plan for a spy app for Android. FlexiSpy can run on all Android devices that have the upgraded OS version. The same goes for iOS devices, and they can run on multiple platforms.

FlexiSpy offers a lite package for the users to get it for a one-month plan or yearly. 

Lite subscription $29.99$359.40

Remote features:

  • Location spy
  • Social media tracking
  • Remote camera capturing
  • App blocking
  • Remote updates

Which app is most effective for remote monitoring?

After a comprehensive review of the top spy apps for Android monitoring, we’ve concluded that all these apps offer quality remote features. But of course, one is the winner, and that is TheWiSpy app. 

That’s because it has more and high-quality remote features than the other two. First, you get the remote controls that help you take complete charge of your kids’ mobile devices. Second, the advanced technology makes the tracking result highly effective for the users.

Which app is most reliable and trustworthy?

You can distinguish a quality app through the level of reliability and trustworthiness of the software. For example, FlexiSpy and mSpy are respectable spy apps offering services to thousands of users. But TheWiSpy provides more reliable services. You will get 100% privacy and accurate information regardless of any complications.  

Why TheWiSpy better than mSpy and FlexiSpy?

A lot of factor counts when we decide which cell phone tracker app is better than others. Of course, you’ll find similar features or services while reviewing these apps. But simultaneously time you’ll find some flaws too. 

FlexiSpy is an incredible app, but it lacks some essential features and offers flexible price plans. mSpy is known for quality parental controls but still lacks reliability in providing advance monitoring services. And it’s an expensive spy app and not affordable for many people. 

On the other hand, TheWiSpy offers exceptional monitoring features where you’ll find diversity. Moreover, you can get affordable price plans that are divided into different periods for user ease. Based on all this, we find TheWiSpy a better monitoring application to spy remotely.


With the increased cybercrimes, bullying, and straightforward approach to unethical content, parents must get the top monitoring application to protect kids. With these applications, you can easily monitor and control your children and ensure their safety.

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