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Ohio: Amazing Places You Should Visit This Summer

Amazing Places You Should Visit This Summer

Summertime is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite season. The warm, sunny atmosphere makes it the perfect time to go camping, go for a hike, or simply kick back at your favorite beach. Whatever your preference, Ohio has it all. Here are a few destinations to visit on your next summer vacation to Ohio.

1. Holden Arboretum Canopy Walk

Ohio is home to an amazing canopy walk, which the entire family can experience unless, of course, they’re afraid of heights. This attraction is over 500 ft. long and stands about 65ft. above the forest floor. The walk comprises four suspension bridges which are connected by four platforms, to provide a seamless and varied view of the forest.

There’s even an elevated observation tower that rises above tree level to give you a view that is even more spectacular. The Canopy Walk takes you in and out of the forest canopy where you can experience and appreciate the view of a mature forest as well as its associated streams and tributaries. 

2. Canton

The ‘Hall of Fame City’ is a must-see for any sports lover. It’s known for being the birthplace of the NFL and is home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Visitors and fans alike are able to take a tour of the museum and view the busts of over 300 Hall of Famers, Super Bowl championship rings, and both past and present relics from the athletes. Visitors can also relive some of the NFL’s more iconic moments at the theater.

With sports betting now legal in Ohio, the Hall of Fame now offers both online and retail sports betting onsite. You can place your wagers on sporting events such as horse racing, football, basketball, and many more. Persons wishing to place bets can also do so online, and with offers like theBetMGM Ohio promo code, you can expect some profitable returns.

3. Kelleys Island State Park

If you’re the camping type, Kelleys Island is the place to be during summertime. The island not only offers traditional camping opportunities, but you can also experience ‘glamping’ in one of the two yurts onsite. They each feature a kitchen, bathroom, and dining area, and each yurt is able to accommodate about six persons or less. The island is rich with lush forests, historic buildings and landmarks, wineries and breweries, and of course, beaches.

Visitors have the opportunity to view the world’s largest glacial scouring, find Native American petroglyphs carved into limestone boulders, participate in tours, and hike the designated trails. You can also rent a boat for a day out on the lake fishing, patronize the numerous stores and restaurants available, or relax to the sound of the live entertainment.

4. Nelson Kennedy Ledges State Park

This park features a variety of natural landscapes such as cliffs, waterfalls, and rock formations to satisfy more than the average nature buff. Hiking trails feature formations such as Devil’s Icebox, Old Maid’s Kitchen, and Indian Pass. The rock formations are trademarks of the park and are believed to be formed from receding glaciers. The sandstone cliffs are also a product of natural changes, the result of erosion from wind, water, and ice. The park is also very historical, being an important part of Native American history. 

The park is also home to beautiful flora such as wildflowers, ferns, and trees. The forests hold a few unique tree species, and the leaf canopy is home to many different birds., to the benefit of any visiting birdwatchers.

5. Baylor Beach Park

This two-acre water park is very family-friendly, featuring miniature golf, paddle boats, and much more. It’s the perfect location to chill on these hotter summer days. The park also caters to R.V.s and picnics. There’s certainly no shortage of things to do at Baylor, as the site provides a secure camping ground as well as a water park. Admission prices are also very reasonable, so it’s very cost-effective for the family.

6. Sandusky

Thrill seekers can find this town along the banks of Lake Erie. It lies in close proximity to many attractive beaches and also is the home of Cedar Point, an amusement park. The park boasts some of the world’s fastest and tallest roller coasters and also provides kid-appropriate rides and games. It also has a water park and sports center.

In addition, the Merry-Go-Round Museum and Kalahari Resorts & Conventions Sandusky are located close by, so visitors can have their pick of entertainment.

Whatever you’re looking to do, Ohio offers plenty for your upcoming summer trip. All of these attractions are reasonably priced, accessible, and family-friendly, so keep them in mind as u stuff your shorts and sunglasses into that suitcase of yours when summer rolls around this year.

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