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Alexandria’s Genesis: Definition, Symptoms & Side-Effects

Purple Eye Disease

Purple Eye Syndrome! Seems Weird Right?

But that’s what it is.

A wide fraction of people claim it to be a made-up fiction work. They call it ‘the biggest online myth.’

Alexandria Genesis or purple eye syndrome is a myth or maybe there lies some truth behind it, as they say. It has been trending too high on the server for the past one-and-half decades. It has been a mind-boggling thing to everyone who ever took the time to search it. Alexandria’s Genesis is a combination of some of the rarest conditions together. The fun part is that these super rare conditions are too rare to be found in humans individually, forget about being found in a combo. Some belief this thing to be a harsh supernatural reality whereas the other group calls it made-up fiction.

There have been too many distinct opinions on what Alexandria’s Genesis is. There is no scientific evidence ever found in history nor was any case ever reported. With the world population crossing 7.5 billion, there is no Alexandria’s Genesis case present by far. This piece from the lemony blog is to help you understand what it is? We have tried to combine all the major information available on Alexandria’s Genesis.

What is Alexandria’s Genesis?

Alexandria’s Genesis is medically a super rare condition. Scientists claim that it is caused due to genetic mutation. A person suffering from this condition witnesses color change in their eyes. The normal eye color switches to purple or lilac shade and turns deeper during puberty. The eye change usually happens within six months of birth which is usually in the infancy period. The color change does not one’s eyesight.

Although there aren’t any cases reported so far, people believe that the patients lead very normal life. While many believe it to be a result of genetic mutation, humans suffering from it tend to turn perfect physically. There are some clearly visible changes that follow after mutation.

A Look at its History

For a disease as baffling as Alexandria’s Genesis, it makes sense to want to look at its history. Here is what we found after thorough research online.

Alexandria’s Genesis was named after an English girl called Alexandria. She was supposedly the first person to suffer from this so-called ‘purple eye syndrome.’ It happened back in 1329 in England. Alexandria’s eye changed its color to purple after six months after her birth. With the world so uncivilized and traditional, lacking scientific guidance, it was believed to be a foul play by some witchcraft. The kid was taken to the priest for examination. The priest called her a special child with eyes gifted by the almighty god.

Years later, Alexandria was married and was blessed with two kids. The kids too had similar eyes and other physical appearances. They too did not have any hair growth in the body apart from lashes, eyebrows, nostrils, and head. They lead a healthy life. Alike her mother, Alexandria, they lead a long life of over 100 years.

Symptoms of Alexandria’s Genesis

Alexandria’s Genesis! A disease with some really ‘hard-to-believe’ conditions

It may be a myth or a work of fiction. But it may also be some undiscovered truth. Changes in eye color, physical appearance, etc. are some of the symptoms of Alexandria’s Genesis.

Symptoms of Alexandria’s Genesis & Purple Eyes:

Here is a list of symptoms that people affected by it have.

  • Purple Eyes: the eye color of the affected person changes to purple. The color turns deeper when the person hits puberty. However, they have normal eyesight just like any other person.
  • Perfect Skin: the skin of the affected person becomes flawless and stops tanning. It also aging once the person hits the 50 age mark.
  • Perfect Body: the patient tends to possess a perfect physique. The body stops gaining and losing weight, letting you attain an ideal physique.
  • No Unwanted Hair: there is no unwanted hair growth on the body. Only the needy parts like the head, eyebrows, nostrils, and lashes have hair growth.
  • High Fertility Rate: women affected by Alexandria’s Genesis do not have menstruation. However, they have a really high fertility rate. They can conceive and bear healthy children while a normal female without menstruation is infertile.
  • Excellent Immune: the patients with AG do not fall sick or catch diseases. They have a strong immune system and are not affected by any serious ailments.
  • Negligible Body Waste: the amount of body waste from people with AG is quite negligible.
  • Longer Life-Span: the patients with Alexandria’s Genesis are alleged to live long lives. They live for about 150 years easily for their body stops aging after the age of 50.

Probable Side-Effects of Alexandria’s Genesis

There hasn’t been any case reported of Alexandria’s Genesis until now. Nor has there been any side-effect reported. The symptoms that you read about are also the ones that people believe the affected person suffers from. Ignoring the pros, the cons of the symptoms can be regarded as the side effects of AG. Not falling sick, or living a super long life with no physical change could be tiresome.

Alexandria’s Genesis: Truth or Myth

There is no scientific report claiming Alexandria’s Genesis to be real. There is also no case ever reported in the documents too. Calling this disease a truth is thus quite tricky. A woman with no menstrual cycle and a high fertility rate is a magical condition. Not aging and living a life of about 150 years is not believable too because there is no human with such a long life ever reported. There are several diseases that can cause a change in eye color. However, this may turn to its normal shade once the disease is cured.

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This syndrome as a myth is also hard to comprehend. Although not proven anywhere, there are folk tales telling about Alexandria’s Genesis. The tale of Alexandria from England hinders mankind from designating Alexandria’s Genesis as a myth.

Bottom Line

While we lack facts and shreds of evidence, there’s no point in justifying the disease as a myth or truth. For a disease as shocking as Alexandria’s Genesis, it’s a viable option to wait until anything is proven. We can let the science justify AG and wait for clarification until then.

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