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5 Ways To Become An Advocate Of Health

Become An Advocate Of Health

Before we start exploring how to become a health advocate, it is vital to understand health advocacy. The word advocacy in the healthcare system refers to devising strategies for increasing healthcare access and its promotion in communities. It significantly emphasizes providing access to quality public and other healthcare services at individual and community levels. Health advocacy can be at any level, but it plays a substantial role in improving areas requiring attention in the public health domain. Practicing health advocacy can help focus on educational aspects like spreading awareness concerning emerging health issues in the public health sector.

Healthcare advocates are responsible for promoting reform and providing support within the healthcare industry. The nature of work for healthcare advocates is different. Their work involves direct interaction with clients, assisting them in medical insurance issues, and bridging the gap between clients and other entities in the healthcare industry. Keeping a broader view of public health policies, these health advocates have helped the healthcare sector vastly. Public health advocates focus on addressing the issues endangering public health in the long run. Surprisingly, health advocacy dates back to the 1820s, when the world was on the brink of death due to cholera.

Health advocacy extends beyond spreading awareness or designing awareness campaigns. It also entails gathering information on existing practices in public health. It further provides feedback and insights related to specific regulations and their impact on the local population and different communities. These insights also help policymakers to reform the existing policies.

If you aspire to become a health advocate, here is what you need to do.

1. Hone Your Communication Skills

Communication plays an essential role in every career today. Being a successful advocate means convincing people to listen to what you have to say. You can enroll yourself in an online MPA degree to understand the dynamics of communication needed for health advocacy. You can learn to communicate effectively by working closely with professional health advocates and develop the art of persuasion. As a health advocate, you may come across hospital managers, local communities, and sometimes local government bodies. Conveying your message or sharing information with all of these groups requires excellent persuasion skills.

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2. Learn The Basics

Entering the health advocacy field will be of no use if you are not aware of how things work. Getting a hands-on experience can give you a detailed insight into the niche you are joining and the kind of work it demands as an advocate. Volunteering in your community events or other medical campaigns can provide you close exposure to understand the basics of your job. Additionally, attending seminars and conferences related to health advocacy can help determine the responsibilities a health advocate has to fulfill. Apart from your professional degree, participating in different community work projects and other activities is essential in developing a better understanding of your career pathway.

3. Acquire Training

Every job has some prerequisites demanding some certifications or training. Before you start your career as a health advocate, learning all the necessary details is beneficial. Keep track of training programs related to your field. Enrolling yourself in training programs can help you polish your skills. Although health advocates work in the non-profit sector, many do not kickstart their careers in the philanthropic sector. Therefore, working in the private sector, gaining relevant experience, and training can help you excel in your career. Vocational training is advantageous for people looking for a swift transition within their career pathways.

4. Seek a Mentor

Upon entering the workforce industry as a health advocate, many beginners struggle to understand their work and responsibilities. New inductees are shy to ask any question, and that can lead to different issues. Reaching out to a senior to seek help can solve a lot of problems. As a young health advocate, you can request a senior to be your mentor and learn as much as you can about your career pathways and workplace. Having a mentor at the workplace has helped many individuals to settle quickly with their job and perform their tasks efficiently.

5. Finding the Right Niche

Public health advocacy covers a wide range of career pathways such as medical navigator, health insurance assistance, home health assistance, or geriatric assistance. Identifying your niche will boost your career, and once you find your specialization, you will soon become an expert. Public health entails different domains. Before you decide to choose one particular niche, it is wise to explore all the available options. It will also help if you learn the basics of different areas. You can then guide people looking for assistance in any of the niches related to health advocacy.


Health advocacy encompasses direct interaction with patients and their families to ensure access to complete healthcare solutions. Working as a health advocate, you can guide people about different healthcare options and facilities and spread awareness within your community. Undoubtedly, the world is facing varying healthcare issues. It is imperative to aware people about the consequences of neglecting their health issues. Thus, the role of health advocates becomes of paramount importance for communities worldwide.

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