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What Are the Advantages of a Hydraulic Crane Over Other Cranes?

Hydraulic Crane

Hydraulic cranes are the big boys of the construction industry responsible for doing all the heavy lifting. This machine lifts objects upwards and transports them where it is needed to go.

These days industrial and construction projects are incomplete without hydraulic crawler cranes. These cranes shift heavy objects like metal frames, shipping containers, concrete beams, etc. These elements are impossible to move manually with the help of human laborers.

Thanks to the ability to lift and move weighty objects, these hydraulic cranes make it possible to complete buildings and other superstructures like bridges and towers. There are five commonly used hydraulic cranes in the construction industry: crawler cranes, all-terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, carry deck cranes, and hydraulic mobile cranes.

Hydraulic Cranes: Features and Characteristics

If you have ever seen a hydraulic crane, you would have noticed an enclosed compartment from where the crane operator controls the machine’s movements and lifts. This compartment is built on a steel base. One of the distinguishing features of a hydraulic crane is its telescopic boom that can be fixed or articulated. A telescopic boom can be equipped with cables, pumps, outriggers, pulleys, and more, depending on the type of work it will perform.

So, what does “hydraulics” really mean? It is a mechanical system operated with the help of pressurized fluids – mostly oil. These fluids help create the lifting power required to pick up and move large and heavy loads.

Hydraulic cranes operate on a fixed pipes system that stabilizes the fluid pressure to do the heavy lifting.

Why Are Hydraulic Cranes Preferred Over Other Cranes?

Let’s explore the benefits of hydraulic cranes and why these are preferred over other kings of cranes in the construction process.

A Powerful Lifting System

The mechanism of hydraulic is not limited to the construction industry only. It can be used to power small water guns to large machinery. Hydraulics use liquid to generate pressure and force. 

In heavy machinery like cranes, oil is typically used to create and maintain this pressure while the machine is in use. The mechanics forces the oil through a complex system of hoses, pistons, and pumps to create a high amount of power required for heavy lifting.

Once the machine reaches full pressure capacity, the pistons move the fluid back and forth to yield the power. 

Versatile and Compact Mechanical System

Hydraulic cranes create an astonishing amount of power, allowing them to operate more agilely than traditional, conventional cranes. These hydraulic cranes do not need additional gears and pulleys, making it easier to maintain these cranes.

Construction project managers contact crane hire companies, mostly for hydraulic machines. They are mostly employed to work in smaller areas and industrial buildings where they efficiently maneuver the machine. 

Meeting Transport and Lifting Goals

Due to their high power and efficient working capacity, these hydraulic cranes are best suited for transportation and construction projects. These cranes are mostly used on outdoor worksites, manufacturing plants, and industrial job sites. 

Hydraulic machines are versatile, allowing them to be hired for various projects requiring continuous heavy lifting. You will mostly find these cranes working in loading and bay areas to lift heavy objects into trucks. Whatever your job requirement may be, hydraulic cranes simplify the work process.

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Requires Less Space

Compared to electrically operated mobile cranes, these hydraulic counterparts require much less space, allowing them to work in compact worksites in urban and suburban areas. Since hydraulic cranes work on a fluid system, the size is smaller than conventional machines.

Efficient Changing of Loads

As stated before, the fluid-based system generates tremendous power to lift hefty loads. So, even if you need to transport trailers and tractors, a hydraulic crane is best suited for the job.

Enhanced Stability

Hydraulic cranes are more adaptable to load capacity changes than traditional electric motor cranes cannot. When subject to changes in load, there is a high chance conventional cranes might break down due to this change.

In Conclusion

Hydraulic cranes are popular in all types of construction sites. You can see them around the construction of bridges, airports, roads, railyards, stadiums, malls, and hotels. These machines work best on level grounds with a stable foundation and adequate space for the crane to maneuver. 
Are you looking for high-quality hydraulic cranes for your construction project? Contact your local crane hire company to get detailed quotes for the same. However, ensure that you do your research before renting the machine.

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