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Access Control Systems: Revolutionizing Real Estate Security for Homeowners and Tenants

Access Control Systems

When it comes to our assets and valuable possessions, security is always the main concern. After all, no one would want to have their things stolen, damaged, or get messed around by unwanted and unauthorized users. This is why we are always encouraged to set up passwords in our phones, computers, and laptops. From this fact, we can observe that the way we deal with security has already been modernized and improved by technology. However, when we take a look at other aspects of our life, especially when it comes to our living areas or real estate in general, we are still seemingly stuck with traditional systems. With that said, some companies are taking the initiative of protecting our real estate assets. One of the leaders in this drive is the Swiftlane access control system, which features various security measures to protect your house or apartment. Today, we’re going to find out how Swiftlane helps in modernizing home security.

The Problem With Traditional Systems

Home security, for the longest time, has always revolved around physical keys and locks. Although this system has been effective in the past, it is slowly becoming easier and easier to penetrate. Modern lockpicking methods and other infiltration strategies make physical keys and locks ineffective and practically obsolete. Additionally, traditional systems are also prone to human error and general wear. Keys could get misplaced and go missing, they can get bent or damaged, and even locks naturally wear down. All factors considered, it is safe to say that some reinventing is needed when it comes to securing our homes. This is all the more critical when we realize that buying a house or an apartment space is probably going to be the biggest investment we make in our entire lives. And we sure don’t want to protect it with keys and locks from centuries past.

How Swiftlane Reinvented Keys and Locks

Companies like Swiftlane envisions creating a security system for living spaces that does away with the usual keys and locks in favor of a more modern access control system. An access control system involves the use of different authentication and verification methods to make sure that locks would only open to the intended users. This may be in the form of programmed remote keys, keycards, facial recognition, voice recognition, fingerprints, and more. With this strategy, both homeowners and tenants can have more confidence when leaving their house or apartments.

Benefits of Modern Access Control Systems

Modern methods of security are a lot safer, more convenient, more customizable, and are less prone to errors and damages. First, it is safer because it cannot be easily lockpicked or forced open by robbers. Modern access control systems will always make use of a unique authentication and verification process that is only available to the intended users. Second, it is more convenient because users have plenty of options to enter their secured space. Different verification methods can be used at the same time so that users can choose the option that is readily available to them. Third, it is customizable because you can easily change passwords or reprogram a biometric security ID. Unlike keys and locks where you have to completely replace the entire system, you can easily input another password or set up another facial ID for modern systems. Finally, it is less prone to errors and damages because you are not strictly limited to using one key and one key only. Users have different ways to verify and unlock the system so that they can enter their homes and they also do not have to worry about the locks wearing down due to regular use.

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