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A Brush of Love: Story of Vivian Ridge, Bob Ross’s Beloved Wife

For those who are unfamiliar with the name, Vivian Ridge remains a figure shrouded in mystery and curiosity. As the beloved wife of Bob Ross, she played an integral role in his life and career. While much of Vivian’s personal life has been kept away from the public eye, her connection to the renowned painter has piqued the interest of fans and art enthusiasts alike.

Reading the title, the very first question in the mind of our readers might definitely be, “Who is Vivian Ridge?”. Vivian Ridge is a famous celebrity wife who is popular for marrying the famous American painter and television host, Bob Ross. She is Bob Ross Wife.  In this captivating article let’s discover the story of Vivian Ridge.

Who Is Vivian Ridge?

Vivian  Ridge is a famous celebrity wife. She is popular as the wife of American painter and television host Bob Ross. She came into the limelight only after her marriage to Bob. Thus, Vivian Ridge herself is a very common person therefore, we have no information about her birth, parents, family, siblings, etc. Talking about her husband, he is a very famous personality and the host of several television series which are sensational. He is the creator of the series, “The Joy of Painting”. So we can say that  Vivian Ridge is popular only because of her marriage with Bob Ross and his popularity.

How did Vivian Ridge and Bob Ross got married?

Vivian Ridge, the first wife of the renowned artist Bob Ross, she married him in 1956. Unfortunately, the details surrounding their initial encounter and courtship remain a mystery, leaving us to wonder about the circumstances that brought these two individuals together. The story of their marriage commences with their union, but the specifics of their romantic journey are regrettably undisclosed.

As Vivian and Bob exchanged vows and embarked on a life intertwined with shared dreams and aspirations. However, the details surrounding their wedding day, including the location, date, and grandeur of the event, are elusive, lost in the annals of time.

What is known, however, is that Vivian married Bob Ross during her teenage years, suggesting a youthful and perhaps impulsive union. The early stages of their marriage were marked by the excitement and promise of a life together, supporting each other’s dreams and pursuing their shared passions.

Vivian remained Bob Ross’s steadfast partner for a decade, navigating the ups and downs of their relationship and supporting him in his artistic pursuits. Their marriage provided a foundation for Bob’s artistic development, as he honed his skills and embarked on a journey that would later catapult him to global fame.

The Separation Of The Couple

As with many marriages, their relationship encountered challenges along the way. After a decade together, Vivian and Bob decided to part ways, their paths diverging as they sought different directions in life. The reasons behind their separation and the specific circumstances leading up to it are not widely known, leaving us with unanswered questions about the dynamics of their relationship and the factors that ultimately led to their separation. However, rumors suggest that the couple parted ways due to the unfaithfulness of Bob Ross towards the relationship.

Influence Of Vivian Ridge On Bob Ross

Despite the end of their marital bond, the influence of Vivian Ridge on Bob Ross’s life and artistic journey cannot be understated. She played an essential role in the formative years of his career, providing support and encouragement as he honed his distinctive painting style and developed his iconic “Joy of Painting” series.

While the details surrounding Vivian and Bob’s marriage and subsequent separation remain veiled in secrecy, their shared history and the impact they had on each other’s lives are significant. Their story serves as a reminder that even in the absence of concrete information, the experiences and connections forged in the past continue to shape the legacies we leave behind.

As we reflect upon Vivian Ridge’s role as Bob Ross’s first wife, we recognize the profound influence she had on his artistic journey and the early chapters of his life.

Did Vivian Ridge and Bob Ross Have Any Children?

Vivian Ridge has a son with Bob Ross. He was born on 1st August 1966. He was named, Robert Stephen Ross, “Steve” by his parents. Bob adapted painting skills from his father and was a great painter like his father. His parents loved him dearly. He’s beloved by his parents. Later he also shared screen with his father and appeared on his show.

Vivian Ridge’s Death

Following their divorce, Vivian Ridge’s life took a tragic turn. Unfortunately, her time after the separation was cut short, as she passed away shortly thereafter. The circumstances surrounding her untimely death and the exact cause remain undisclosed. Leaving us with a sense of loss and the realization of the brevity of life.

With Vivian’s passing, Bob Ross assumed the role of sole custodian for their son, Steve Ross.

Did Bob Ross Remarry?

Shortly after his divorce from Vivian, Bob found love again and married Jane Ross in the same year.

However, their marriage was tragically short-lived. In 1992, Jane Ross succumbed to cancer, leaving Bob Ross to grieve yet another loss in his life. The details surrounding their time together and the impact they had on each other’s lives remain private. As Bob Ross maintained a level of discretion when it came to his personal affairs.

Despite the heartbreak he experienced, Bob Ross’s journey toward finding love continued. In 1995, he entered into his third and final marriage, this time to Lynda Brown. Their union took place merely three months before Bob’s own untimely death, adding a bittersweet element to their story. The circumstances surrounding their relationship and the connection they shared over those fleeting months are known only to them.


Vivian Ridge was a common person who became popular only because of her marriage with an American Painter and TV host Bob Ross. There is no information available about Vivian Ridge such as her family, birthday, siblings, etc. She was the first wife of Bob Ross and also had a son with him named “Steve”. However, after being married for almost a  decade the couple parted ways. Soon after her divorce, Vivian Ridge passed away. Her husband remarried twice after their divorce. All the information available has been pieced together and presented before our readers in this article. Any information received will be updated soon.

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