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9 Tips To Find The Perfect Dress For Your Body Type

The Perfect Dress For Your Body Type

Some people have a hard time finding dresses that fit them just right, especially if they have a petite frame. With the latest women’s dresses from Canada online, this issue gets resolved as there are many benefits of shopping online because of the wide variety of sizes and styles available.

Dress shopping can be a nightmare for women of all shapes and sizes. The clothing industry is geared to the slender, tall, and sexy body type. But what about the rest of us? What’s perfect for a petite woman with curves? A woman who’s curvy but not big-busted? Or something that’s just plain ugly but fits well? Just buy dresses online from KOOKAI for your body type, and if you still want to gather some information, read these tips for finding the perfect dress for your body type:

Shop off-the-rack

You’ll find dress styles that suit your shape and size in nearly every department store. Stay away from designers’ sample sales and sales racks, as they often don’t fit as well. If you’re having trouble finding a dress you like, try wearing it to work or a friend’s wedding reception.

Buy in your size

Many smaller-sized women find that dresses cut from designer fabrics are too large in the bust, and that can make you look like you’re wearing a tent over your chest. So buy your size — if it doesn’t fit, ask for it to be taken in or altered at no charge by the retail store.

Find Your Body Type

Most women have several body types – tall, short, curvy, skinny, heavy, and petite – and it’s important to find the best-fitting dress for your body type. Like shoes, dresses should fit the body instead of the other way around. Do some research on the web to get an idea of what styles look good on your figure.

Buy From The Ground Up

Dresses aren’t made for every body type. Gowns with empire waists are great for tall girls with long legs and a smaller bust but look too fitted on shorter girls who want a little more space at the waist. Likewise, strapless dresses look great on tall girls with big busts but can make short-waisted women look like they’re wearing a tent.

Try on as many dresses as possible

It’s not uncommon for someone to spend 1-2 hours trying on dresses, while they might only be able to find one they like. That hour can make all the difference when it comes down to choosing the perfect look for your body type

Don’t worry about trends

The last thing you need is another dress that will look dated in six months, so stay away from those trendy styles that everyone else is wearing, whether it works for you or not.

Get measured

Take your measurements and use them as a guide when shopping online. This will save you time as you won’t have to try on every dress in the store.

Know your fabric & cut preferences

Are you looking for something body-hugging? Or are you more of a flowy, drapey kind of girl? Knowing what you like and how it makes you feel will give you a good idea of what to look for when shopping for the perfect dress for your body type.

Look at multiple shapes

There are so many different styles available from Cape Town designers that there is bound to be a style that works for everyone! Take a look at some of our most popular styles here.

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